Whether you’re looking for make-up tips, a fresh skincare routine, or trying to find any other self-care advice, look no further! We’ve got stories covering everything in our Beauty and Wellness channel, so you’ll never have to look too far to find what you need. We’ll be covering the latest beauty trends, top tips for all round wellness and great wellbeing destinations like top spa’s and unique hideaways. This also includes invaluable self-care help & advice for a happier you. Perfect for when your mind, body and soul need a little TLC.

Exclusive Yoga Retreat on Ibiza with Liz Warrington

Samaya Ayurveda: which dosha are you? Consultation & skin care analysis the Ayurvedic way

Our beauty team’s best kept secret, this all natural and holistic skin care brand works wonders. Their potent supplements will energise you and boost your immune system too, which is just massively important when it comes to surviving a pandemic like CV-19. ( TA-DAH.TV viewers can claim their special goodie bag with their online order by quoting this code: TADAHTV2020

Trend: Smash Box triple tone lipstick

Smash Box’s Be Legendary triple-tone lipstick is something else! They’ve launched this incredible lipstick range to gradually blend 3 colours at once, giving your lips depth, dimension and definition…and a funky look, thank you very much!

Glam Hair by Phil Hunt

This hairstyle was created by Phil for red carpet designer Bag Ta’s collection a while back! We think, the look is still relevant, as it’s utterly beautiful, so girly and just so super stylish! Watch now to see how it’s done…#plaitsforever

Backstage Chanel: Make-Up look AW20/21

This is Chanel’s make-up trend for their Ready-To-Wear collection – we rather like the frosty, but natural, ice-queen-look! Great for the office and yet has scope o glam up for evening or night time engagements…

Natura Bissé Inhibit High Definition Treatment

These patches do wonders, we think! Perfect for when you’re travelling, they instantly define and refresh, smoothing skin and minimising wrinkles. So, you can kiss ‘visible’ jet lag on your face good-bye by putting these High Definition Treatment patches in your hand luggage!

CC+ by IT Cosmetics

Perfect skin not just throughout summer! SPF40 protects and it’s oil-free and pore minimising too! Watch out for the demo video


Hair Accessories AW20/21: metal buckles & clips

As with the clunky chains and zippers trending this autumn/winter, sort your hair style with chunky buckles or rhinestone clips to go

Hair Trend: Wheat Blonde

With either centre parting or fringed, coupled with a natural looking face + neon brights for eyeshadow (Monse and Matty Bovan), it’s a cool and relaxed, yet fresh winter look

Chanel coloured hair ties
Self-explanatory no brainer:
gotta have them for hair or wrist
Make-up Trend: Daytime Gold Leaf & Glitter

Goes super well with sportswear (Adeam) or gives a masculine, androgynous trouser suit (Erdem) a bit of feminine, daytime glamour. Here in the office, we’ve been onto this look in various styles for years…


Exclusive Yoga Retreat on Ibiza with Liz Warrington

This week-long Scaravelli-inspired yoga retreat was held at a private and super exclusive location on Ibiza! Watch it now to get inspired

Sponsored post! Yoga Design Lab’s printed mats & towels

Their zen-like prints, whether its’ palm trees, sunsets or fantasy print get you straight into the mood

Self-Help Series: Anxiety and coping well with Self Isolation & Lockdown

Psychologist Sam Owen gave Claudia Peifer the low-down on how to master life during lockdown

SHA Wellness Clinic Alicante

The place where body and mind can be healed in a holistic way (

Wellness Hotel Hochschober on Lake Turrach, Corinthia/ Austria

This is a simply fabulous place, positioned beautifully on a picturesque lake in gorgeous Corinthia, over 1700m above sea level. (

Self-Help Special: How To Maintain Good Mental & Emotional Health

Claudia Peifer spoke to international wellbeing coach Beran Parry to chat about how to build your own safety-net for when the going gets tough.

Ibiza – Hotel Atzaró Holistic & Retreat Packages

Holistic retreat, luxury hotel, summer festival venue, champions agro-tourism and general feel-good hot-spot on Ibiza!

Sparta/ Greece – Euphoria Retreat Hotel

It doesn’t just look good, it also promises results for better wellbeing as well as feeling like a Greek God/ess

Sponsored Post!

Check this great website for overall wellbeing: with its tips & tricks, as well as brilliant product ranges for women’s and men’s health, you’ll find it super useful to guide you through everyday life

Drink & Use Alkaline Water

Drinking 9.5ph water makes the oxygen in the water reach your blood cells 1000 times quicker than with normal ph water – talking about instant rehydration & energising just by changing the ph-value! Stay tuned, as video to come…

Top 15 foods to boost your immune system, supporting your own natural defences

Here’s how you can boost your immune system naturally, from the ‘kitchen pharmacy’.

Supplements: I Am Superfood by Naomi’s Kitchen

Live the best life you can and let these super foods give you a helping hand

Lanserhof: Tegernsee & Lans
Their concept is amazing, so find the way back to yourself in one of 5 locations in Austria, Germany and London
Lefay Resorts Eco-Spa Dolomites
Opening in August 2019, their Lake Garda location gets a sister spa in the Dolomites with a wellness area of over 5000m2 smack bang in the Italian mountains.