Meet Javier Melus – Spain’s leading pop artist

He throws life experiences, icons of popular culture, fashion, comics, television, advertising, consumerism, urban art, music, graphic design and so much more into a huge pot, gives it a stir, and creates pop art to his very own recipe! Meet Spain’s leading pop artist Javier Melus and find out how he ticks and works, how he gets inspired and how he turns what’s happening in the world around him into art. No limits is definitely his motto, as he combines luxury goods labels with American comic characters on discarded road signs or wooden slats. Anything that catches his attention gets used, leading from one idea into another and then into a concept. No wonder then that he has fans in private clients and collectors all around the world. Watch the video to get inspired yourself and then go to his website for his latest creations to see what might tickle your fancy!


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