Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakesh

Born in Algeria in 1936, Yves Saint Laurent arrived in Marrakesh in 1966, fell in love with the place and would go there in June and December every year to design his Haute Couture collections. Morocco had a major influence on his life and his career in fashion design, and this museum celebrates his life in return. Designed by Studio KO, the architects became intrigued by YSL’s duality between curves and straight lines, as well as between his approach to loose and precisely cut lines in fabric. This influenced their overall idea of creating structure through patterns of using brick and so the ode to YSL in architectural terms was born.

The museum also houses temporary exhibitions, but YSL’s collections, sketches, design pieces and all that presents his œvre will just blow you away! The museum holds more than 5000, yes 5K, of outfits and pieces created by YSL during his lifetime, including the famous jacket for Catherine Deneuve, which took 600 man hours of embroidery to finish. Visiting this museum is more than just an experience, you will really get to know the man behind the iconic tux for women and all the other great things, he has achieved in legendary life. Watch out for the video…


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