Bitter Wheat at Garrick Theatre/London until 21 September’19

Half of America is in London this summer, and no, we’re not talking about Trump and his administration! The latest masterpiece by award-winning playwright David Mamet brings John Malkovich back to the stage after a 33 year hiatus. The fact that he’s playing London’s West End is an added bonus and a huge nod to theatre land this side of the pond, but what’s really the subject here is the decline of Hollywood studios and, thanks Harvey Weinstein’s for the story, the downfall of those moguls, who thought they owned the world and could use people as if they were dischargeable coffee cups. By the dozen a day, is what we mean by that…the raving reviews of Malkovich in this role ought to be listened to, so go and see it for yourself in to get the flavour of what life was like for hundreds of actresses, who wanted to make it in show biz.


Bregenzer Festspiele 2019 from 17 July – 18 August Rigoletto opening the season

Art Review: Robert Rauschenberg Tate Modern by Charlie Porter

Sotogrande Charity Gala at Santa Maria Polo Club


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