TA-DAH.TV was launched in January 2017, after years of research, just under a year of prep-work, filming months ahead of it’s launch and grabbing the future by its hands! We’re out to speak to everybody from stars to punters, at events that many tv channels wouldn’t make it to! We catch people in environments that are unusual and unique, exclusive and not mainstream, with an atmosphere that invites the viewer to have a laugh and share the mood with whomever is on screen and whatever is going on – we’re out to create experiences and want you to be part of them!

Bang on trend-wise, we offer original bite-sized entertainment for Europe on demand, because people want to watch inspiring stuff to brighten up their way to work, during lunch break, waiting to board a plane or for friends to arrive, or view an event they couldn’t make it to and not have to wait for months for it to come out on mainstream TV, and, and, and…there are countless reasons to be inspired by cultural events and to tune in just when it suits you, so here we are!

Our viewing demographic is a new one, which is not definable by a specific age group or just a single nation! We want to show things of interest to anyone from young adults to those young at heart, beating all the conventional tables putting people into brackets. We cross borders, not to be ‘tourists’, but to bump into friends and to be part of a european family – we feel at home in many places. We make our own mind up where to go, but under one condition: we want to have fun, meet people, enjoy interesting stuff, know about countries & their culture – and to be living it!


TA-DAH.TV is the brainchild of Claudia Peifer, presenter/ producer/ director/ broadcaster/ script writer/ voice-over artist! After more than 13 years in tv and video, presenting and co-producing and gaining tons of experience the hard way, she has gathered a team of people to create this entertainment & lifestyle channel to reflect a faster lifestyle: watch what you want, where you want it and when you want it! Our team is made up of people with independent minds, who are not afraid to bust boundaries and go beyond the extra mile: from camera operators to editors, to content creators, graphic designers to social media experts…including Dave, the driver! Our philosophy is this: work hard, party harder…and with a laugh please, whilst we’re at it!

What and how we’re editing today to create mini-programmes is different to viewing patterns from the past! There will always be blockbuster series and long-running entertainment programmes as we know them on tv. But, we also know that the concentration span of a viewer for a single topic is around 3 minutes, we can’t stand the ads in between and that time is short, so we’re adopting a different take on things in shorter format. Be able to have a quick peek of a festival whilst sitting in a cafe, take time-out with an interview that will make you giggle, or follow your fave DJ around touring without having to pay for the flight ticket!


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