R.E.A. Danza celebrates 30 years with their incredible show ‘Tango Infame’ at Málaga’s Teatro Cervantes

This show was going to be very special indeed: created during lockdown, it was supposed to reflect life going on under a pandemic that struck the world. Think of a beautiful plant growing out of the rubble, as the Tango Argentino survives everything, even a worldwide disaster. So, love, passion, drama and human habit prevails in the supercharged & sexy Argentine tango, mixed with modern dance elements, that make R.E.A. Danza’s performances highly original and forever appealing. Through dance, they want to reflect on everyday life and the mundane world we live in. Yet, their performances are full of humour, raw talent, an overriding message…and everything in between.

Diego & Jupa Arias are the driving forces behind the ensemble, and their care for detail shines right through to stage & lighting design – all of which make a R.E.A. Danza show a complete visual and sensual experience, even when props are minimal. 30 years together is indeed a huge testimony of survival in a creative world that is fast and ever evolving. Seemingly never running out of ideas, we’ve enjoyed so many of their shows, and all of them are so very different.

They’ve toured Europe extensively, including Belgium, France, Austria, Spain’s Costa del Sol of course, Italy. To find out where they might be performing next, check out their website www.readanza.com

REA Danza – Málaga

REA Danza celebrates its 30 years of life this year. Three decades of live performances have seen this dance company combine uninterrupted work with artistic creativity. Originating in 1991 in Argentina, REA Danza has taken quite the journey from its roots, now residing at its headquarters in Málaga, Spain. At Málaga’s Teatro Cervantes,  TA-DAH.TV attended their celebratory show ‘Tango Infame’. REA Danza, with their many Argentine Tango interpretations, are on a mission: to “infiltrate the world with dance”, and they’re well on their way in achieving that, treading the boards now for 30th year – what an achievement!

About REA Danza (REA Dance Company)

R.E.A (Reminiscencias, Experimento, Artístico) have been dancing and choreographing for 30 years! Their experience in the production of shows, management and organisation of cultural events, training of dancers is immense, as they continue their work to spread the joy of dance around the world. For all involved, dance is a fundamental aspect of development within society and personal development for each individual – this is at the core of every REA Danza project or show.

The company started in its hometown of Mar del Plata in Argentina before making the big cultural switch and geographical move to its current home in Málaga (Spain), some 10,000km away. The change in location has helped the company continue its work within the industry, whilst also contributing to contemporary dance in Andalusia, since they first hit the shores over a decade ago in 2001.

The works and productions of the company combine a blend of some truly spicy flavours in the form of Argentinian folklore, contemporary dance, vertical dance and with some added acrobatics for a guaranteed showstopper. This awesome combination makes up the foundations of which the company creates their productions.

Argentine Tango

A trademark of REA Danza, the sexy Argentine Tango is a dancing style you would catch yourself watching and thinking “I would love to give that a go”. The elements making up this dance is both romantic and sultry, really enticing the audience. The dancing consists of a variety of styles which have developed overtime from various regions and throughout the eras, whilst also taking onboard the audience’s response to street performances. The current style of the Argentine Tango developed mostly in areas of Argentina and Uruguay, with some additional flair from parts of Europe and North America.

Much of this dancing style is based on improvisation, following the music and dancing appropriately to the emotion and speed of the beat. Argentine Tango sees partners embrace, transitioning from being at arm’s length to full body contact with chest-to-chest connection. You certainly need the chemistry and closeness with your partner to make this look truly authentic. 

The Arias Brothers and dance partners

The Arias brothers – Diego and Jupa, along with their acrobatic dance partners (Mercedes and Esther), have this chemistry down to a tee. As the manager of REA Danza, Diego Arias , along with his brother Jupa, have proven their talent for dance, choreography, show direction and production to large audiences over the years. They create some magnificent visual spectacles, working with lighting and stage designers, which underlines their adventurous choreography and talent within REA Danza, they continue their work to spread the message of the importance of dance within society – the perfect subject for tension and entertainment on stage.

Within the last decade they have contributed greatly to Málaga’s dance scene, performing across this extraordinary city at a variety of venues and events, including the Teatro Cervantes, which plays host to a wide range of spectacular shows throughout the year, along with show-stopping performances of traditional Andalusian flamenco dancing! 

REA Danza have also toured in the past, taking their fabulous shows to France, Italy and Portugal. During times of the pandemic, this is clearly not possible as often as they’d like, however they very much look forward to taking their special flavour of the Argentine Tango across borders again.

Málaga – a dancer’s dream

If you’re after a Mediterranean city which will satisfy your craving for culture, night life and, plenty of delicious food, look no further than Málaga. The southern Spanish city is rich in cultural history and thanks to its location, Málaga is the ideal place to soak in some Andalusian sunshine. No wonder this is a holiday hot spot, quite apart from the picturesque castle, towering over the town! The city is a favourite with performing arts lovers too, since they host a whole range of amazing top-notch performances, from plays and dances throughout the year. It really was the perfect choice for REA Danza to set up base there. With a variety of theatres such as the Cervantes Theatre, Alameda Theatre and Sala Gades, do not miss catching a breath-taking performance from dancers and artists showcasing not just the best of Spanish performing arts, but also international talent.  

Málaga – a traveller’s dream destination


Málaga‘s history dates back to 770 BC, according to most scholars, making it  2800 years old, and therefore one of the oldest cities in Europe and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world – wow! Situated on the Eastern Costa del Sol, it is the capital of Málaga region, and the second biggest city in Andalusia after Seville.

Famous sons of this impressive city are the painter Pablo Picasso, the Jewish philosopher and Hebrew poet Solomon Ibn Gabirol and the actor Antonio Banderas. Hence, creativity runs through the veins of this enchanting city, and it shows in every corner of the cobblestoned roads and walkways. The Picasso Museum is situated in the Old Town, with his birthplace not far away. The Carmen Thyssen Museum is another hot spot of art, and so it comes to now surprise that the Centre Pompidou opened there as well, choosing Malaga for their first Spanish outlet.

Apart from sightseeing destinations like the fabulous Old Town, the Gibralfaro Castle and the Alcazaba Fortress overlooking the city, you’ll find a gazillion restaurants and tapas bars here, because gastronomy is equally important to a proper Málagenian experience, right after the arts.  

With an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, Málaga is the perfect place for a city break or longer holiday, as there is so much more to explore than meets the eye!


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