Mary Quant exhibition at London’s V&A

She’s an iconic designer, who shaped the world of fashion, invented the mini-skirt and made hot pants an unacceptable piece of clothing in a girl’s wardrobe! This blockbuster exhibition is the first full retrospective of Mary Quant’s career as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, licensing queen, feminist and global influencer of her time. The V&A managed to track down unique fashion pieces for this exhibition, that have never been seen by the public before. Not just from the adoring public, who cherished their Mary Quant clothes, but also items from Mary Quant’s private collections. She single handedly liberated whole generations of women, asking them to come out of their shells by wearing her clothing, and a fashion movement was born…this is a must-see exhibition for any fashion aficionado and vintage lover! Click that start button now to catch a glimpse of who Mary was and how she has changed so many women’s lives.


London Street Style

Charlie Porter on knitwear designer Matty Bovan

Chanel Pharrell Capsule Collection


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