Exclusive interview with DJ Jackmaster

‘I don’t do eclecticism just for eclecticism’s sake’ he states on Resident Advisor, and that sums him up: what you see is what you get, no pretence, no frills, no nothing – just pure gold dance beats, that keep you glued to the dance floor for hours. Jackmaster combines passion, honesty, a crazy energy and proper knowledge into choosing the next track. He doesn’t like following trends, but instead follows his gut, knowing a ‘banger’ when he sees one.

He is completely independent in spirit and in his choice of music, whilst the underground kid in him seemingly has never left, playing house, deep house, techno, funk, garage, ghetto house an acid house. However, we’re not surprised that one of his favourite genres is….wait for it: DISCO, and so he mashes beats to the complete delight of the ravers, who won’t know what’s hit them. Hence, they love him at Circoloco playing at DC-10 in Ibiza, The Warehouse Project in Manchester, Glasgow’s Sub Club, Glastonbury, The Lost Village Festival, Barcelona’s Sonar Festival and T in the Park, amongst a whole list of other top notch dance festivals and clubs.

He has regularly ended up in the top 10 of Resident Advisor’s prestigious ’Top 100 DJs’ list in the past, until controversy and scandal hit Jack in 2018, by OD-ing on substances whilst playing at Love Saves The Day in Bristol.

Acknowledging his behavioural errors, in 2019 he focused on recovering, wanting to ‘use his voice for good’ helping others – a promise he made good on in early 2020, when he successfully raised awareness and funds in support of the Scottish charity ‘Brothers in Arms’: a charity that allows people free access to professional psychologists through text messaging.

Get up close & personal with this cheeky Chappy from Glasgow, who hasn’t lost any of his charm over all these years, talking festivals, favourite B2Bs and Irn Bru, by hitting that start button now…



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