Keane Live: ’The Way I Feel’ – exclusive pre-tour gig at Pryzm/London

This is the first single released of their new album ‘Cause And Effect’ and it got us all going good and proper! Keane’s sound is instantly recognisable and ’The Way I Feel’ fits the bill and their style completely. It was stunning to hear them live up close and in a very personal way. They were missed thoroughly over the year, and after a few solo albums by Tom Chaplin and Tim Rice-Oxley, to see them all back together again was just fantastic. The gig felt more like a private party, as if someone just hired one of the the UK’s biggest pop-rock bands to provide us all with a bit of a dance that night. Truth is, it was unforgettable experience because it felt so intimate. Watch the vid now to catch the flavour of the night – feel free to rock along!


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