Noisily Festival 2024 from 11 – 14 July at Barkestone Wood near Grantham, Leicestershire

This has to be one of our all-time greats: Noisily Festival came back for its 9th edition in 2022 with a vengeance, after a 2-year hiatus, due to covid! The build-up of excitement in 2021 (also watch our exclusive interview with Will Hazlerigg, one of the festival’s co-founders) with the subsequent let-down of being told by reviewed government guidelines on covid one week before the festival, that it still cannot go ahead, left everybody devastated. Not just the organisers, but the ticket holders too, who loyally allowed for their tix to be carried forward yet again, looking forward to party again in 2022.

And now we know why so many people are just in love with this festival: Coney Woods is turned into the most enchanting, rave-friendly place on earth. Good, local food and drink allow you to recharge at all times, and, if you’ve booked yourself into a Portobello tent, boutique camping, or glamping, can be experienced at its finest. The atmosphere is super friendly, everybody seems to want the most enjoyable atmosphere possible for absolutely everybody, and this is also made possible by the lunatic dress codes, in which people make it their business to take to extreme heights. To the delight of everybody else…

The various stages provide great DJ set entertainment – either in a private party-in-the-garage atmosphere or, heading for the Liquid or Pyramid stage, where crowds heave in delight to electronic dance belters. Even though it’s all happening outdoors, the sound systems are utterly brilliant. We utterly adore the whole festival craze being lived out to the max at Noisily, as eco-friendly and health & wellness conscious as it is – your time to go CRAZIIIEEE is definitely NOW! (

Noisily Festival

Noisily, as it describes itself, is a ‘celebration of the individual, cultivates understanding for the collective and explores what it means to be human in this world.’ This includes proper respect for the environment, Coney Woods, and the fact that the Noisily wants to act as a leader in the UK’s festival wellness scene, also offering holistic and spiritual workshops and practices throughout the festival. Not difficult to see how that works, as these woods are just so enchanting…at the same time, the festival prides itself with being a platform for music, arts, psychedelic culture and creativity. Add to that the word ‘brilliant’ and you’re getting closer to reality!

Situated to the South-East of Leicester, you can reach the village of Nosely either by driving up the M1 or the A1 – the festival is roughly equidistant between both these highways. However, people are enticed to make their way to the festival by all sorts of transport, including bicycles and hiking. However, the nearest airport is London Luton, and taking the train from London would mean hopping on in St. Pancras to the festival’s nearest station, which is Market Harborough.

Noisily’s loyal following have allowed the festival to survive a pandemic lasting for 2 years. Through their crowd-funding efforts with ticket holders, the organisers have managed to keep it all afloat with the result, that 2022 came back with the loudest bang ever. Ravers were keen to live the experience, they’ve been waiting to make for two years, to the max. Hence, Will Hazlerigg (one of the co-founders) talks of the Noisily family with affection and a duty of care to make it all happen. The 2022 edition will be the last edition to take place in Coney Woods, as the festival will move to a larger site for their 2023 edition. Increasing capacity by a huge margin, every effort tis being made for the festival to keep its off beat character (mainstream is almost a swear word in this instance). Hence, the future looks bright and hugely exciting – see you all at the next edition, when the festival will be held from the 6 – 9 July 2023.

Henri Bergmann

Fresh talent of her quality will always stand out, and so Henri massively impressed us playing the Pyramid stage. The techno & house DJ and producer put on some absolute bangers, from older classics to brand new stuff of her own. She’s signed with Watergate’s DJ roster, hence is at home in Berlin, as she is in London. The BBc’s Radio 1 and Ibiza Global Radio have discovered her already, whilst DJ support comes from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Nick Warren, Ilario Alicante, John Digweed and many more.

After a mini-India tour in July’22 and recently debuting at Ibiza’s Pacha, she’s super excited about pushing on – also watch our exclusive interview with her after her set at the Pyramid stage! Having played iconic clubs in London like The Steel Yard, Egg London, Orange Yard, the Electric Brixton, E1 and Village Underground, she is so ready to impress the rest of the world. We love her style and we love pushing fresh talent at TA-DAH.TV…so watch this space!


The man is a multi-talent! His real name is John Graham, and he is not just a DJ, but producer and in-demand vocalist as well. With a career spanning over two decades, we are not surprised that he spent over five years in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs. Keeping his sound on point and current, he’s part of a staple diet of DJs in the electronic scene on an international level. ‘Gangsta House’ is one of his musical creations, mixing old-school rap with hip-hop into fresh house remixes. 

TV and film scores are also part of his portfolio, having been involved with films such as ’The Taking of Pelham’, ‘Shrek Forever after 2010’, ’Twelve’ and a Charlize Theron movie trailer of ‘Young Adult’. Club-wise, he’s regularly seen at the decks across the pond, from LA, via San Fran to Miami as well. EDM runs through his veins, and there isn’t a beat he can’t handle and turn into new spun gold. At Noisily, the crowd was absolutely loving his set, where he mixed in some oldies-but-goodies floor fillers, to which people went absolutely crazy – a reinventor par excellence.

John Digweed

A man of dance music history, he clearly still has what it takes to get the crowd going! Headlining on the last day of the festival, his dance trance mixes just elated the crowd even further! Having made out as a DJ at the age of 15, there clearly isn’t a beat he hasn’t mixed, delving into pop along the way. Originally from Hastings (raves at Hastings Pier include top names like Carl Cox and The Prodigy), where he put on successful club nights, and when he hooked up with DJ Sasha (Alexander Coe), the duo Sasha & John Digweed was born. The two were the first ever Brit DJ duo to hold a residency at NYC’ most well known club at the time.

His vision and creative insight got him to seek out mixes/remixes from diverse acts such as Rui Da Silva (watch our exclusive interview with him in London on our YouTube channel in the Girl About Town section), Second Hand Satellites and POB, amongst others. His name stands for rock solid edm tunes, and whilst travelling the world, he still held down residencies at London’s Heaven and The Beach in Brighton. As part of the Bedrock label, he’s enjoyed Top 40 chart success, including the track ‘For What You Dream Of’, which was used for the cult film ’Trainspotting’. His radio show on Kiss100 became one of England’s most successful dance music shows in England – needless to say, he is in the top 20 of the highest earning DJs in the world.

As a person, he comes across rock solid, and maybe not the craziest guy on the planet, but he knows his sound and he knows how to mix, and the minute he dabbled into trance music for the set at the Pyramid stage, the place just lifted yet another notch higher in feel-good factor. He’ll be playing at the Aquasella Festival in Spain in August, will be at the BEON1X Open Mind Music Festival in Cyprus in September and has a 5-hour-set at London’s fabric coming up on 8 October’22, so sort your tickets early, ‘cos the man is totally worth it.

What is Noisily Festival

From their first festival back in 2012 with a modest crowd of 450 people, Noisily festival has been held amongst the trees of Coney Woods ever since. The organisers have been keen to put on an unforgettable event every year ever since.

With 3 main stages, 2 roaming stages and further speaker & activity stages, ravers can’t wait to have a simply awesome time in the Woods, escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immersing themselves into the creative and soulful atmosphere of Noisily Festival. Featuring 3 days of top DJ sets, playing amongst spectacular stage design and wicked light shows, you can also take part in woodland walks, yoga classes, meditation sessions and even cacao ceremonies – it’s an unmissable experience. On top of this, all beverages and food are locally sourced, supporting the surrounding communities. So, it’s all good – for visitors and locals alike.

The founders’ ethos is centred around open mindedness and sharing knowledge. With 5 pillars at the core of their message:

  • Inclusion – The festival celebrates all and allows everyone to enjoy their party, irrespective of gender/sexuality/ethnicity.
  • The Environment – Caring about the environment is a central part of Noisily, focusing on looking after the local wildlife and community.
  • Wellness and Education – Offering a unique and alternative experience for learning holistic and spiritual practices.
  • Community – Despite an attendance of more than 6,000 people, the owners and founders of Noisily festival, are proud to maintain a community feel. Promoting the message that all who attend are part of one big family for these 4 days.
  • Creativity – The festival offers a platform for creativity to flourish, with music and the arts at the centre of the festival.

DJ sets at Noisily Festival

Noisily Festival has three main stages: Noisily Stage, Treehouse Stage, and Liquid Stage. Each year all three make sure you can get lost in dance and forget about time. Festival goers can expect a proper diverse collection of dance music with sets covering all genres such as House, Disco, Bass, Glitch, Hip Hop and Breaks. Whilst also offering one of the UK’s best outdoor psychedelic experiences from their famous Liquid Stage, lovers of EDM, house music, and deep house can dance until their feet hurt.

Despite the festival having been moved to next year, the line-up for 2021 would have been a real treat of homegrown British talent, including Eats Everything, John Digweed, Aidan Doherty, Audio Anonymous, Audley, Ben Coda, Dubspeeka, Henri Bergmann, Ipcress, John Monkman, Quivver & Tripswitch, and many others! Hopefully, many of them will make it to the next year’s edition, as they’re firm favourites with loads of ravers, so get your tix booked promptly.

Exploring mind, body, and soul at Noisily Festival

Surrounded by mother nature, Noisily festival is more than just a music festival, as it also offers an immersive wellbeing experience, allowing festival goers to connect with themselves and the event’s natural environment! This way, ravers can develop a deeper knowledge about their bodies, minds, and souls. It’s a real compilation of hedonism and escapism in a safe and inclusive space for all!

Across different areas of the festival, you will find a huge variety of classes and interactive workshops. Some of the events which take on a key feature each year include, yoga classes, cacao ceremonies, mindfulness workshops, woodland walks, and meditation practices. Not only will you leave the Leicestershire woodland full of joy and exuberance – you may even learn a thing or two about how to extend your general wellbeing, taking away the knowledge of certain rituals and practices you can implement to enhance your everyday life. There’s not a single festival around, that offers such a great overall experience quite like Noisily.

Looking forward to 2022, the festival will be celebrating 10 years since they opened their gates, hence the organisers are working super hard to make it the most fabulous summer gig ever! It is indeed a big deal, also giving them the chance to say Thank You to all the loyal fans and supporters, who make up the Noisily family, and who have helped to keep the festival alive through Crowd Funding efforts.

Be sure to go to TA-DAH.TV’s music channel to find out more about the best music festivals in Europe!


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