Noisily Festival 2022 at Coney Woods in Leicesterhire

Gawd, we love a festival in the woods…what a prospect: 3 main stages, 2 roaming stages, further speaker & activity stages – you’ll be having such an awesome time in Colne Woods, near Peterborough in Nottinghamshire. You can either camp or go for the day, whatever kind of ticket you choose, rest assured you’ll be having a brilliant time.

Apart from ace DJs playing cutting edge dance music, deep house, underground house, dub, bass, disco,  techno, psychedelic and everything in between, prepare yourself for woodland walks, yoga classes, mediation sessions and even cacao ceremonies. The organisers work closely with the local council to make this as safe an experience as possible, having installed over 60 extra posts to ensure everyone’s safety as best as possible. What is also amazing is that all food & drink is sourced locally, so expect fresh and seriously good food, to be washed down with local beers and other delicious bevvies.

There isn’t a nicer boutique festival around that offers as much ‘happiness’ in their programme as Noisily, so book your tix pronto and come on down…see you in the woods…

Noisily Festival – Looking forward to 2022

It has been a heart-breaking time for the music and arts community, having to come to terms with the cancellation of so many festivals and events over the last two years. All over the world, and particularly in Europe, people are feeling the disappointment of missing out on great entertainment and creating fabulous summer memories. And so too were the organisers of Noisily hoping for the next edition of their infamous music & dance festival to take place, eager to provide some more “soul food meetings in the woods”, when the UK government announced that restrictions can’t be lifted just yet! This has led for the popular Coney Woods based dance festival to be postponed yet again, this time to the 7th-10th July 2022. Nevertheless, it will allow some extra time for the organisers to get some planning underway to make Noisily Festival, 2022, the biggest and best ever. EDM lovers will have so much to look forward to next year. In anticipation, TA-DAH.TV have managed to chat to Will Hazlerigg, one of the festival‘s original founders, to talk them through what the new normal could look like on the ground, and to provide a general overview of the event, from its roots to its exciting DJ line-ups! So, before heading over to TA-DAH.TV’s music channel to check out this brilliant exclusive interview, read on for everything you need to know about the extraordinary and fun-loving event that is the Noisily Festival!

What is Noisily Festival

From their first festival back in 2012 with a modest crowd of 450 people, Noisily festival has been held amongst the trees of Coney Woods ever since. The organisers have been keen to put on an unforgettable event every year ever since.

With 3 main stages, 2 roaming stages and further speaker & activity stages, ravers can’t wait to have a simply awesome time in the Woods, escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immersing themselves into the creative and soulful atmosphere of Noisily Festival. Featuring 3 days of top DJ sets, playing amongst spectacular stage design and wicked light shows, you can also take part in woodland walks, yoga classes, meditation sessions and even cacao ceremonies – it’s an unmissable experience. On top of this, all beverages and food are locally sourced, supporting the surrounding communities. So, it’s all good – for visitors and locals alike.

The founders’ ethos is centred around open mindedness and sharing knowledge. With 5 pillars at the core of their message:

  • Inclusion – The festival celebrates all and allows everyone to enjoy their party, irrespective of gender/sexuality/ethnicity.
  • The Environment – Caring about the environment is a central part of Noisily, focusing on looking after the local wildlife and community.
  • Wellness and Education – Offering a unique and alternative experience for learning holistic and spiritual practices.
  • Community – Despite an attendance of more than 6,000 people, the owners and founders of Noisily festival, are proud to maintain a community feel. Promoting the message that all who attend are part of one big family for these 4 days.
  • Creativity – The festival offers a platform for creativity to flourish, with music and the arts at the centre of the festival.

DJ sets at Noisily Festival

Noisily Festival has three main stages: Noisily Stage, Treehouse Stage, and Liquid Stage. Each year all three make sure you can get lost in dance and forget about time. Festival goers can expect a proper diverse collection of dance music with sets covering all genres such as House, Disco, Bass, Glitch, Hip Hop and Breaks. Whilst also offering one of the UK’s best outdoor psychedelic experiences from their famous Liquid Stage, lovers of EDM, house music, and deep house can dance until their feet hurt.

Despite the festival having been moved to next year, the line-up for 2021 would have been a real treat of homegrown British talent, including Eats Everything, John Digweed, Aidan Doherty, Audio Anonymous, Audley, Ben Coda, Dubspeeka, Henri Bergmann, Ipcress, John Monkman, Quivver & Tripswitch, and many others! Hopefully, many of them will make it to the next year’s edition, as they’re firm favourites with loads of ravers, so get your tix booked promptly.

Exploring mind, body, and soul at Noisily Festival

Surrounded by mother nature, Noisily festival is more than just a music festival, as it also offers an immersive wellbeing experience, allowing festival goers to connect with themselves and the event’s natural environment! This way, ravers can develop a deeper knowledge about their bodies, minds, and souls. It’s a real compilation of hedonism and escapism in a safe and inclusive space for all!

Across different areas of the festival, you will find a huge variety of classes and interactive workshops. Some of the events which take on a key feature each year include, yoga classes, cacao ceremonies, mindfulness workshops, woodland walks, and meditation practices. Not only will you leave the Leicestershire woodland full of joy and exuberance – you may even learn a thing or two about how to extend your general wellbeing, taking away the knowledge of certain rituals and practices you can implement to enhance your everyday life. There’s not a single festival around, that offers such a great overall experience quite like Noisily.

Looking forward to 2022, the festival will be celebrating 10 years since they opened their gates, hence the organisers are working super hard to make it the most fabulous summer gig ever! It is indeed a big deal, also giving them the chance to say Thank You to all the loyal fans and supporters, who make up the Noisily family, and who have helped to keep the festival alive through Crowd Funding efforts.

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