Sven Väth

Sven is one of the world’s premier electronic DJs with a career spanning over 30 years featuring prestigious awards, creating his own labels, residencies at some of the biggest clubs on the planet, all whilst sticking to the basics using just two decks and vinyl.

If you haven’t heard of Sven before (where have you been?!), he’s a German DJ and producer who’s been operating on the electronic and EDM scene for over 30 years now, despite only being in his mid-50s. He cut his teeth in the legendary Dorian Gray Club underneath Frankfurt airport, from which many great DJs emerged. Väth is typically associated with techno and new beat, but has been known to delve deeper into the different genres of EDM to put on a truly monumental show. In 1986, Sven released the single “Electrica Elastica” with OFF, a song many cite as the moment his career took off. After this, Sven became one of Germany’s biggest pop star exports of the 1990s, giving more attention and exposure to an often overlooked genre of music.

Whilst it’s common for the world’s best DJs to hold residencies at clubs across the world, it takes a superstar such as Sven Väth to actually own one, and he did – two, in fact! However, he was no stranger to holding residencies either, holding his own night at Amnesia for 18 years with the after-parties always being a huge highlight at the event, often held at crazy locations around the island.

In 1982, when Sven started his own club ‘Omen’ in Frankfurt and held the most awesome parties around, the concept of Cocoon was born. Cocoon has been playing at the best clubs and highly original venues, like the castle in Fuengirola, for over 20 years now (yes, 20!), and is stil going strong. Creating several brands of live- sets around his name, and as stand-alone concepts, was one of the most clever and original things to do business-wise. The rest is history, as this has been copied the world over – hey don’t call him Papa Sven for nothing…

Sven’s live sets are a popular spectacle for fans of EDM across the globe, with many travelling from country to country just to catch one of his legendary sets. Sven’s longest ever set is a staggering 30 hours long, and he’s known for putting on sets that last hours upon hours with ease. Väth is a massive advocate of vinyl, so you can expect to see his extensive record collection and a pair of decks getting heavy usage whenever you catch him live. It’s been said that Sven’s live sets are hugely inspirational for new and upcoming artists on the EDM scene, with many citing him as one of their major influences; Tiesto even noted that he became a DJ after hearing a 6-hour set by Sven!

With such fame, it’s no surprise to hear that Väth has played on some of the biggest stages at the most renowned festivals in the world. He’s played highlight sets at events such as Awakenings and Mysteryland in Holland, the Ikarus Festival in Munich, Tomorrowland in Belgium, Sea Dance, Offweek in Barcelona and Caprices in Crans Montana/ Switzerland, where he and Seth Troxler have been leading the line-ups for years. His most memorable shows, however, probably came at Boiler Room in 2012 and his Sven vs Carl Cox set at Germany’s Love Parade.

If you want to catch Sven Väth live in the near future, keep an eye on his latest tour dates below:

Tour dates:

  • 01 March: Munich, World League at Pacha
  • 02 March: Paris, Yo-Yo at Palais Tokyo
  • 29 March: Crans Montana, Caprices Festival 2024 at Maimarkthalle
  • 05 April: Barcelona, JUST WAXX pres Sven Väth at INPUT High-Fidelity Dance Club
  • 05 April: Mannheim, Time Warp Festival 2024 – 30 Years Anniversary
  • 19 April: London, Parable pres. Sven Väth – Year of the Dragon World Tour at HERE
  • 03 May: Mannheim, Timewarp Sao Paolo – Brasil 2024 at venue TBA
  • 10 May: Amsterdam, Year of the Dragon World Tour at Het Sieraad
  • 29 May: Copenhagen, Distortion 2024, venue: all over Copenhagen
  • 20 July: Munich, Galopprennbahn
  • 03 Aug: Frankfurt, Love Family Park 2024 at Rebstockbad
  • 03 Aug: Montpellier, Family Piknik 2024 at Parc Lucien Jean
  • 18 Aug: Zrce Beach/CRO, Sonus Festival 2024 at Zrce Beach

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