Cocoon at the Castle

Cocoon’s dance fest on the Spanish Costa del Sol was SO cool, with over 2500 ravers turning up for some serious work the decks that night! Sven turned up with a whole gang of friends, including DJs Christian Burkhardt, Markus Fix, Carola Pisaturo & Miguel Payda. The atmosphere was electric and the full moon did its bit for some serious magic! Watch it now to join us backstage and dive right into the crowd.

Cocoon: The Festival from World Famous DJ Sven Väth

The year was 1996. The place was an industrial building called the Alte Brauerei, located in Frankfurt. The occasion was a rave and on the bill were DJ Sven Väth, Underworld, Alter Ego, DJ Hell, and a whole host of other well-known names in the music scene. 

The scene was immense with acrobats swinging over the dancefloor and people hanging from walls – the only thing missing was the hordes of people that an event like this should have attracted, with promotions and marketing – this was the birth of Cocoon the festival that would soon become synonymous with the name of one man: DJ Sven Väth. 

Väth: Leading the charge

Väth was already well known in the music circuit: he was the biggest ever DJ in Germany, famed all over Europe and a pop star in his own right thanks to the mega-hit “Electrica Salsa”. His vision was to see events taking place where you could feel the passion and the realism. With Sven at the helm, the Cocoon brand quickly took off and soon, events were being booked all over the place.

Not only that, but young artists were being supported and featured at the Cocoon parties. Success followed success and soon this hea vy-hitting party brand had earned a name for itself as possibly the most famous techno party in the world. 

And that’s when they were invited to host four parties in Ibiza; the scene at the time was dominated by the English super-clubs and the music was somewhat too ‘disco’. Cocoon brought something different, the music was hard, and it was fast. 

Cocoon has since seen huge interest all over the world; Amnesia in Ibiza, Audio Club in Geneva, BLITZ in Munich, Komma Paris in France, Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam, Punta Carrasco in Buenos Aires and of course Cocoon at the Castle in Fuengirola to name just a few from the very long list. The music of Cocoon is popular all over the globe and has seen Sven performing in every continent on earth.

What’s next

With names like Ricardo Villalobos, Dubfire, Matt John, Seth Troxler and Cassy, the giant raves under the Cocoon brand still attract thousands of party-goers. The ethos is still the same and the scene is still as strong as it ever was. Cocoon is all about the music, the scene and perhaps most importantly about the experience in its entirety. It is not just an individual event; it is the full experience – and one that we hope will be repeated for many years to come.


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