The Oasis Festival has been renamed to Oasis: Into The Wild

The Oasis Festival is just brilliant: the incredible line-ups for their various stages offer something for absolutely everyone, their designated areas are excellently designed and make sure there’s no overcrowding, and the fact that it is just SO cosmopolitain, makes it massive fun. The whole of Europe seemed to have descended onto the Fellah Hotel complex, with French, Dutch, German and Arabic to be heard every where, never mind English, you really had the feeling that this gig was 100% European. It’s organised extremely well (wifi-zones, meeting points, plenty of food available and cool spaces to have it in) and the way it’s run meant that there were no huge queues to encounter or you’d go hungry because the food stalls had run low, meaning: there was happiness all around you!
Talking line-up and stages, the Oasis stage had the crowds heaving to techno beats, the Mirage stage offered a mix of disco, funk & house and the Bamboo stage sent every raver into oblivion with a healthy mix of house & deep house, peppered with bits of funk, soul and rock – with the forest being lit in all these psychedelic colours, it was quite trippy and the better for it. We hung out with DJ Optimo and Seth Troxler during their set, so needless to say, we had a whale of a time.
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Everything You Need to Know About Marrakesh’s Oasis Festival

With there being an abundance of music festivals all across the globe, it would be hard to recommend one particular festival to a friend. There are so many different factors that contribute to a festival being a huge success or a catastrophe: the line-up; the location; the organisation; the other activities to undergo and many more. Usually, festivals tick a few of these boxes but underperform in some departments.

However, that is not the case for Oasis Festival in Morocco, Marrakesh. Located on the outskirts of the city, the festival is set amongst the beautiful view of the Atlas Mountains. Never before has a festival been set somewhere so aesthetically pleasing – whilst boasting a stellar line-up all at the same time! It is no surprise that the festival’s strapline is “Dance Somewhere Different”. Let’s take a look at why Oasis Festival is second to none.


Entering its fifth year since its inception, the festival has its best line-up to date! Having
already had the privilege of the techno king Carl Cox headline the festival previously, it
would have taken something extra special to surpass it. But alas, they have! There is a vast
array of dance music across the weekend, ranging from two-step techno to house music
that you can’t help but pump your fist to.

One act to look forward to in particular is that of Amelie Lens. Having seemingly rose to the
top instantaneously, Amelie has headlined the biggest festivals all over the world. Now it is
time for her to own the Oasis stage. Mixing bass heavy minimal techno with acid and tribal
house, Lens creates a world of her own on the stage. Never before has a DJ been better
suited to performing at Oasis festival. Amelie, we’re ready for you!

The abundance of musical talent continues with the alternative Four Tet. Boasting a
whopping 36-minute single, there will be no shortage of groovy tunes to bounce to. Mixing
a plethora of sub-genres, (particularly alt-rock and jazz) Four Tet’s experimental methods
have allowed him to reach the heights he is currently at. Using the likes of Radiohead, Black
Sabbath and Lana Del Ray in his work, this is a DJ who will make you question what you
thought you knew about music.

With his love for music deriving from listening to funk and soul in his kitchen and touring
with hip hop artists, Loco Dice has become something quite unique. Dice knows what it
means to feel human and portrays this within his live sets. His use of minimal tech house is
jaw-dropping, fascinating audiences of thousands as a result. Due to previously being a
screenwriter, his live sets take you on more of a compelling narrative than any film could.

Other Activities

Food: The array of luscious food and drink on offer highlights the rich, culinary tradition that belongs to Marrakesh.

Squidsoup: The amazing art collection Squidsoup will be lighting up the Oasis stage with their one of a kind, immersive light show.

Secret Garden: The ultimate place to relax at the festival. With Marrakesh cocktail joint Barometre providing tropical drinks!


If you are looking to travel to Oasis Festival by flight, there are two recommended airports.
The first one, which is the preferable one of the two, is Marrakesh Menora International
Airport. The festival is roughly a 30-minute drive away the airport and there are multiple
travel options available. If this airport doesn’t suit you for whatever reason, the second
most ideal airport is the Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport. This is situated
around a 3 hour drive away from the festival but is also the busiest airport in Morocco.

You can also travel to the festival 4 days prior and indulge in a bumper surfing and yoga
experience in the bay of Taghazout. On the first day, feel free to make yourself at home in
the hotel with a welcome dinner and slow yoga practice. Then help yourself to 3 days of
surfing on the sunny beach and as much yoga as you’d like. This relaxing experience really is
the perfect preparation for the fun that lies ahead.

So, come on down to the festival that has well and truly put Marrakesh on the music map.
We hope to see you and your friends dancing in the sun very soon.


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