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It’s been a minute since we dropped our experience at the XIII European Polo Championship in Sotogrande, Spain. 

So, we thought we’d catch you up with all the goings on in Andalucia. 

As you’d expect from a TA-DAH.TV sports experience, we captured exclusive interviews, big news and even took some time to bring you a little more info about this staggeringly beautiful locale. 

What Happened at the XIII European Polo Championship?

The XIII European Polo Championship delivered all the drama you’d expect under the Spanish sunshine. 

Some of the best players and ponies from these leading polo nations took to the gleaming grass of Sotogrande – nicknamed the “Wimbledon of Polo Pitches”: 

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

After Austria and Italy triumphed over Spain and the Netherlands respectively in the sem-finals at the Ayala Polo Club, it was over to the Santa Maria Polo Club for the finals. 

But who would take the spoils?

Who Won the XIII European Polo Championship?

Italy went on to win the tournament after a tightly contested final against the Austrians. Stefano Giansanti’s side took the final 6-5.

Elsewhere, in a tense 3rd place final, Spain took bronze by beating the Netherlands 10-4. 

This victory kickstarted a three-year cycle of success which saw the Spanish scoop gold in both the XII FIP World Championship in 2022 and the 2023 installment of the European Championships in Dusseldorf. 

Stunning Sotogrande

It may be home to the Wimbledon of Polo, but there’s more to Sotogrande than horses and sports. 

Located in Southern Andalucia, around thirty minutes from Marbella, Sotogrande is the largest privately owned residential development in the area. 

Inside its gated communities, you’ll find a world of manicured spaces, boutique stores, high-end restaurants and modern wine bars. 

Plus, there’s also a gorgeous marina to meander around as well as an opulent country club called La Reserva Club – ideal if it’s additional luxury you seek. 

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More World Polo in 2026

Back to polo though, and the eyes of the world will fall onto the glittering shores of Dubai in 2026. 

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in 2023 by Mohammed Khalaf Al Habtoor, Chairman of the UAE Polo Federation, and René Beil, Managing Partner of La Martina Polo World. This agreement installed the playgrounds of Ghantoot, Al Habtoor, Desert Palm, and Dubai Polo Clubs as the host venues for the 2026 international tournament. 

So, we’ll have to wait until 2026 to see if the Spanish can continue their good form. Or will the great Adolfo Cambiaso add another championship to his glittering collection with his Argentina side?

Claudia Peifer interviews world no.1 polo player Adolfo Cambiaso for TA-DAH.TV

Spanish Polo Glossary – Key Words For Beginners

Polo is often described as rugby on horseback – this is your quick-fix almanac of polo lingo in Spanish!

CANCHA: the polo field, where the game takes place, larger than three football pitches in size

BOCHA: the ball used for playing, usually white but orange if played on snow, made either of wood or plastic

CAMPANA: the bell, signifying the end of a chukker

CHUKKER: is the term to describe a period of play in polo, lasting 7 minutes; a game usually consists of 5 chukkers, 6 chukkers for high-goal matches

TIEMPO MUERTO: break between chukkers, lasting 3 minutes

ÁRBITRO: the referee and match official, of which there are two: one for each of the teams; they are on horseback too, dressed in black/white striped shirts

BANDERILLAS: assistants, who will confirm by waving flags, whether a goal is valid or not

PENAL: penalty, given for a foul

MIMBRES: the goal posts, defining the width of the goal; made of soft plastic in order to avoid injury to horse and rider in the event of a collision with others

PALENQUE: side, where a teams sets up their base in the corner of the field and where horses are housed during the game

PATRON: the owner of the polo team (four players in total), wearing shirt No. 1

TACO: polo stick, consisting of a shaft made of bamboo for flexibility and a rigid head, made of wood

PETISERO: he’s the rough-rider & caretaker of the horse, preparing and warming up the horse outside the field, getting it ready for play

GRADAS: the benches where the public sits to enjoy the game

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