2023/24 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup from 28 Oct – 24 March

The winter season starts and we’re pumped already about snow sports, and it doesn’t get better than the FIS Ski World Cup! The biggest highlight after the Winter Olympics, the Ski World Cup is an annual event, so really keeps the athletes on their tows. Once travel gets easier, you simply have to plan in some time to visit any of the fabulous winter destinations, where the tournament is staged.

Feel the vibe, the competitive smell in the air, maybe you’ve got a favourite athlete you want to follow and put your marker down on the map to follows the competition. The Ski Jumping event over New Year are a huge tradition for snow rich countries like Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which allows you to hop across the borders to support the event of your choice quite easily. Let’s be serious for a moment: the hype is real! Anyone, who has ever watched a downhill race can only be in awe of these incredible sportsmen and women, who train throughout the year with passion, wanting to win and make their country proud.

Pick up a typical cow bell on the way, not just as a visiting moment, but that’s what locals use to express their excitement and their pride for success at breakneck speed. The biathlons are fascinating to watch as well, as you’re not only supposed to be acing it in the cross-country skiing discipline, but you need to be a good shot as well. Amazing to watch this competition…we could go on and on – best is for you to go online and sort your tickets for the next event and then prepare to experience crazy (fis-ski.com)

The Audi FIS Ski World Cup

Bringing you the latest news in the skiing world! The current season of the Audi FIS Ski World Cup is drawing to a close, with overall winners to be awarded at the finale in Lenzerheide in Switzerland at the end of this month! With this in mind, let us take a closer look at how this huge annual event came to be, and the many events it consists of.

History of FIS Ski World Cup

Starting with its first ski world cup event in 1967, the FIS has decades worth of captivating history to look back on. The first was held in Berchtesgaden, West Germany, on January 5th. Seeing Jean-Claude Killy and Nancy Greene walking away with Crystal Globes. Leading the way for many more alpine ski champions to follow in their footsteps as overall winners. Birthed from the minds of a group of ski racing friends and some experts in the industry, with the backing of the International Ski Federation, it was decided in early 1967 this would be an official FIS event.

The FIS have since held this event annually, seeing up to a total of 80 races. The event is enthralling and ever so popular viewing for the avid skiers and ski enthusiasts amongst us. Sponsored by Audi, the world cup gathers global attention, but particularly gains great interest from host countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Canada, and Austria. Think epic ski races, your favourite ski resorts, and lots of excitement. These events are not to be missed.

Disciplines Included in the World Cup

The competition consists of five disciplines: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G, Downhill, and Combined (a combination of the downhill and slalom).


Slalom skiing is a race style between flags and poles, slalom requires the competitor to make rapid and sharp twists and turns. Making this a super thrilling event to spectate!

Giant Slalom

The giant slalom and the slalom are very similar in the style and course. What keeps them apart is how spaced out the poles and flags are from each other. When competing in the giant slalom competitors will race through poles set out at a great distance and typically use skis that are longer than slalom skis.

Super G

Super G certainly lives up to its epic name. Considered a speed event in its nature, this is a fast-paced race to achieve the quickest time through widely set gates, with participants only getting one chance to achieve their best time. Making for intense competition.


Unlike the previously mentioned disciplines, downhill is focused on gaining high speeds. Competitors will reach speeds of up to 81mph, according to the FIS) – so this is certainly not for the faint hearted. The speeds and the courses allow for extraordinary races, combining excitement, thrills, risks, and plenty of courage!


Combined skiing is where competitors take part in both slalom and downhill races to amass a total aggregate score. Races take part over several days and allow for participants to demonstrate their skills on the slopes in both disciplines.

Hosts as Top Holiday Destinations

Cortina d’Ampezzo –

Making up part of the Dolomites, this beautiful ski resort is popular amongst Italians and visiting European skiers alike. Having been a top host of the FIS ski world cup numerous times, it is no surprise the ski resort and town itself see an influx of globetrotters, holiday makers and ski enthusiasts each year. Two hours north of Venice, the town of Cortina is surrounded by the breath-taking scenery the Dolomites have to offer.

It’s an excellent spot for first timers looking to don a pair of skis and hit the slopes! Cortina can also keep those of you entertained with other means, such as tempting designer stores (our fave) and unique Italian cafes, bars, and bistros. Perfect for your morning espresso or afternoon slice of pizza.

And what’s good for James Bond, surely is good enough for us! Not for nothing did they film the James Bond movie ‘For Your Eyes Only’ there – the scenery and lifestyle in Cortina is top class.

Val-d’Isère –

We cannot chat about skiing and miss out on mentioning Val- d’Isère, one of the world’s most famous skiing holiday destinations. The original winner of the world cup title, Jean-Claude Killy, grew up here, so we know this is one of the best ski resorts in the world. Not just for skiing but for everything else you would expect. Offering you Après ski, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, you can certainly indulge yourself at Val-d’Isère – absolutely fabulous!

Wengen –

With picturesque log cabins and sweeping mountain views, Wengen is the quintessential Swiss winter holiday destination. This resort is particularly popular with families, offering child friendly outdoor activities. These include easy mountain hikes with some amazing views of glaciers, mountain peaks, and vast alpine greenery. Taking the Wengeralp railway up the mountain you can reach this peaceful village and stroll along the sleepy streets at your leisure. Pure bliss for you and your family.


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