Best of 2019 – legendary memories and experiences from all over Europe

OMG – what a wicked year it’s been for TA-DAH.TV! On the road literally non-stop, we’ve partied & danced the days and nights away in Spain, the UK and Morrocco, crossed the seas to rave about fashion in Ibiza and its design talent lasting decades, whilst also reporting about hot and happening artists, from pop art to street art. We prayed to God when paragliding from snowy slopes in Switzerland, and prayed some more when Hot-air ballooning at 6am in the morning outside Marrakesh. We joined in some crazy fun on a street parade in Germany and watched precious wildlife in the Strait of Gibraltar, hanging out with dolphins and whales – an utterly awesome experience! Closing 2019 for Christmas in London, what more can you ask for when sampling Xmas delights in world-famous Leicester Square and Southbank, with its monumental buildings and impressive views from the Thames. Watch the video now to relive a great selection of last year’s highlights, hopefully whetting your appetite for more wanderlust and foreign adventures to come on TA-DAH.TV

TA-DAH.TV’s Best Moments of 2019

Wowiee! What an amazing year 2019 was! Ranging from whale watching in the Strait of Gibraltar to paragliding across the sublime Swiss Alps, TA-DAH.TV has had the pleasure of covering a fantastic and vast array of events this past year. Spanning different walks of life, we covered all the channel’s categories that are: MUSIC; FASHION; LIFESTYLE; ART & CULTURE. Let’s have a look at just a few of TA-DAH.TV’s highlights from 2019!


  • TA-DAH.TV met Alfie and Billy Goffey, a pair of cousins from Bristol. Mixing sounds of disco, punk, acid and house, the new kids on the block have a good laugh with us! We talked about everything from mayo in the fridge to touring with Fatboy Slim!
  • We jetted down south for the end of the summer sun at The Oasis Festival in Marrakesh. As one of our favourite festivals in the whole world, we had an amazing time dancing to the best music with the most amazing views! We also bumped into the extremely talented DJs Optimo and Seth Troxler!
  • As lovers of house music, in September we indulged in Cuttin’ Headz’s day rave at Tobacco Dock! A day revolving around two-stepping and stomping beats, we had the time of our lives feeling the music with DJs Jody Barr and Cassy in the ‘Last Night on Earth’ DJ booth!


  • An iconic designer whose talent wanted women to feel free with what they’re wearing and helped shape the world of fashion today, Mary Quant was honoured with her first major retrospective fashion exhibition at the world-famous V&A museum in London in 2019. Paying homage to the late icon, a range of her unique fashion pieces were on show for all spectators to admire. What an inspiration she is!
  • We travelled to Ibiza to check out the amazing Piluca Bayarri’s latest AW19 collection! As one of the most important names in Ibiza style fashion, we absolutely loved her originally designed skull jackets – which at the time fitted perfectly with Halloween! With camouflage prints and tie-die denim, wear her latest range to events, festivals or going clubbing, and you will surely stand out from the crowd – bang!
  • Another highlight last year was TA-DAH.TV visiting the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and the famous gardens he created surrounding his house, when he lived there. Seeing his famous collections displayed so stunningly was awe-inspiring! Spanning his lifetime’s work from Haute-Couture to Ready-To-Wear, as well as accessories and many other aspects of his creative career, this is an unforgettable exhibition and a must-see for any fashionista. The sketches he created for dressing dancers in famous shows at the Moulin Rouge, as well as actors, in Paris during the 50s and 60s is utterly unique and hugely enjoyable and priceless.

Art & Culture

  • We had a fantastic interview with the famous Spanish pop art artist Javier Melus – his art blends kitsch and current cultural movements into paintings, that will cheer you up any day of the week. His works are collected all over Europe and in the States as well, we just loved his stuff.
  • Easily considered as one of the most influential artists ever, Banksy’s identity still remains a mystery to us all. That being said, his artwork is far from a mystery! We had the pleasure in 2019 of visiting Banksy’s ultra-cool ‘Art of Protest’ exhibition in Málaga. The exhibition displayed some of his most famous pieces and it was a real treat to see them displayed in their original form! The brilliantly layed-out exhibition at La Térmica, and old hospital, busted all expected attendance figures, so it was great to the universal appeal of the Bristolian, who wants to change the world.
  • We ended the year in fantastic fashion! Through venturing into London’s Leicester Square and Southbank Christmas Markets, we were spoilt by the plethora of beautiful festive decorations and lights on show. Not only that, but we met up with the amazing Duchess of Candles too!


  • We were well and truly blessed to travel to the beautiful Gibraltar and watch in fascination as dolphins and whales graced the waters. Such beautiful creatures, this trip was perfect for any admirer of natural beauty. This should undoubtedly be on everyone’s bucket list!
  • As the second most streamed Spanish artist, Juan Magan was at the opening of Opium Beach Club’s summer season in Marbella – and so were we! The list of amazing DJs and cocktails were only a couple of the reasons why this night was one to be remembered by all!
  • We braved the ridiculously low temperatures in Iceland to go husky sledding – and boy was it worth it!! The huskies were as keen as we were to get out on the snow. Watching them joyfully glide across the landscape was a truly beautiful sight and experience!

To look back on the rest of this year’s highlights, visit TA-DAH.TV.


The Oasis Festival 2019 – Marrakesh

Fashion Photography Exhibition: Tim Walker’s ‘Wonderful Things’ at the V&A

Dolphin & Whale Watching in the Strait of Gibraltar


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