Best Of 2020 – our round-up of a year to remember!

No doubt, 2020 brought huge challenges to all of us, needing to master lockdown, possibly illness, a much reduced lifestyle and even home schooling for some – oh dear! Travelling was off the table for many months and in many countries. However, our team found great outdoor things to do and were even able to catch up on some early exhibitions and one of the last West End shows in London.

Couldn’t make it? No worries: that’s why we exist – to bring you lots of exciting things to watch and experience here on TA-DAH.TV, hopefully inspiring you to make plans for the future. Whether it’s walking what was once one of the most dangerous hike in the world, catch up on that missed yoga retreat, or indeed find out about the first live gig in London, once that spring lockdown had eased. There’s something here for every travel-hungry soul, so hit that start button now and dive into a world of new adventures.

Best of 2020

An unforgettable year, 2020 has been a huge challenge and a strange year for everybody but it did have some highlights. Despite it being a year of lockdowns and restrictions, TA-DAH.TV still managed to have some fun, wherever they could. Here they have helped pick out some of their best moments from the year to look back on! Across music, fashion, wellness, lifestyle, sports, art, and culture – there is so much to unpack.


DJ and presenter extraordinaire, Jaguar, gave a rundown of her fave gigs, festivals, clubs, and line-ups, whilst rewinding the clock to detail how it all started for her. Everybody now has their fingers crossed for a summer of music and dance in 2021.

Rock singer/songwriter Grace Solero took to Primrose Hill to entertain the locals of her adopted home. Ever the optimist, she kept the socially distanced crowd smiling as they enjoyed some longed-for live music. Grace & Dan made this sunny day even brighter!

Punk Rock mixed with Ice Glaciers and public lavatories? Ticked off the bucket list, the Icelandic punk museum in famous capital Reykjavik is an experience. Visiting the punk museum is not expected of a trip to the land of fire and ice, but one which certainly should not be missed. Discover how Icelandic punk rock rose to international fame with the likes of Bjork born from its success, all in a former public lavatory.


With fashion shows taking the digital approach, we were gifted with a live stream of Miu Miu’s SS21 collection. Famous fashion blogger and style inspiration Allison Soro explained about what life is like as an influencer, and gave her thoughts on football and sport styling entering the runways. Can sport be très chic?

A philanthropic weekend in stunning Marbella! The Global Gift Gala made its way to Marbella, where Maria Bravo, Eva Longoria, and famous friends were found opening the runway. These star-studded events held by the Global Gift Foundation in aid of women, children, and families, are always a fun way to enjoy yourself whilst supporting charities and raising lots of money for good causes! And we love seeing all the stars close-up when turning up for these hugely popular fundraisers as well! Thank you, Eva, don’t mind if we do…


Skincare the Ayuverdic way! Founder of Samaya Ayuverda skincare explained how inner balance and peace will give you a radiance on the outside. Just what the doctor ordered for all those lockdown skin concerns! Their supplement range is very popular too, as not only women go for Samaya’s products, but fast-living men (fighting jet-lag) and teenagers (who need hormonal balance in their lives) too.

Ibiza – The White Island, typically visitors are seeking the joys of beach, party, dance, and sun. The peacefulness of this location can be undervalued. Liz Warrington gave us her take on the importance of tranquillity. finding beauty in the nature around you, and the Scaravelli-inspired yoga practice she teaches at the super exclusive yoga retreat in the stunning private location. Perfectly nestled away on the island, this is the most peaceful location to unwind and re-centre.

Mental health and well-being have certainly come to the forefront of many conversations over the past year, particularly as we have all been spending a lot more time inside and away from loved ones. Speaking with international wellbeing coach, Beran Parry, she gave her tips for self-care and emotional wellbeing. Highlighting the importance of understanding what your mood is affected by and how enjoying the small things such as, taking a bath, going for a walk, and slowing down your day can be the first steps in feeling better.


As some lockdown measures started to ease during parts of 2020, a visit to the ever beautiful and welcoming Seville was on the cards. 24 hours in the Andalusian capital offers so much, from mesmerising architecture, impressive history, and a vibrant city atmosphere. Seville is one to add to your ‘after lockdown’ bucket list!

November sunshine in Tarifa. The perfect holiday location for whatever time of year. Tarifa was the ideal spot for some winter sun in 2020. Sipping cocktails at happy hour, walking across the white sandy beaches, and watching the insane skills of kite surfers – it’s enough to blow all your worries away.

Caminito del Rey – not for the faint hearted! This is such an experience for those of you looking for something different to add to your vacation! Visiting in December meant the temp was bearable and made the walk so much easier. What was once one of the world’s most dangerous walkways has been transformed to invite tourists to hike through ravines and gorges. Such a cool selfie spot too!


The Global Wingsports Association (GWA) were able to host the first ever Tarifa Wing Pro event in “Europe’s Capital of Wind” – Tarifa! To finish the year off with a grand array of skills from some of the best wing pro athletes, the event went down without a hitch. With the added benefit of being able to host it on the stunning Balneario beach , backed by the stunning vista of the Moroccan Rif mountain range.
Something to pop into your calendar, the Costa del Sol was announced as host of the prestigious Solheim Cup for 2023! – Bring it on ladies!

Art & Culture

Over in the German city of Frankfurt the Schirn Kunsthalle (described only as an exhibition hall rather than a museum), the works of Lee Krasner were on display for the first time in 50 years. Widely renowned for being the wife of Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner herself was a very serious, thick-skinned, and head strong woman. Which comes across in her artwork through her use of strong lines and striking self-portraits. Discovering at this exhibition, her work is some of very few pieces of American Abstract Expressionism to be found in Europe!

Hurrah! The world-famous Venice Biennale took place in 2020 despite the world coming to a halt. The romantic city of Venice came alive once again to celebrate art, music, dance, theatre, and architecture (although the architectural part of the biennale was moved to 2021). 2020 celebrated the 125th anniversary of the foundations of this spectacular event, with the focal point being the Disquieted Muses exhibition, which highlighted the rich history of the organisation and its huge archives. Until next time in Venice, ciao for now.

One of London’s final productions before the closure of theatres and show venues. Message in a Bottle at London’s Peacock Theatre was an absolute treat! To the music of Sting along with choreography by Katie Prince, the widely energetic dance company ZooNation had the audience on their feet. A true showstopping performance and amazingly created production.


City Break: 24hrs Seville

Frankfurt – Lee Krasner ‘Living Colour’ at the Schirn Kunsthalle

Caminito del Rey – hiking the world’s scariest pathway in the Malaga region of Southern Spain


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