Best of 2021 – watch our flashback of exciting adventures & gripping experiences

Despite renewed travel restrictions, we managed to have some proper fun in 2021! Culture tripping all over Europe, we were living it large at club nights and dance events, picked up some great looks and fashion style tips on the way, attended some seriously exclusive sport tournaments and checked out the most brilliant lifestyle events, where it was possible, including a classic car show and modern art blockbuster exhibitions. We sampled an immersive game-like heist experience in London and the best Christmas Markets in Vienna. Nothing was going to stop us – so, fully vaccinated and careful to be safe, we were out chasing memory-making adventures and thrill-seeking experiences.

An easy ride it was not, since many countries had a variety of restrictions kick in at different times. And on many occasions, it was quite a puzzle to get the film teams to their destined locations, but we were determined to bring you the best we could! So, here’s your chance to catch up on what’s been going on in Europe in 2021, and hopefully, it will inspire you to make plans for the future – enjoy!


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