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It was a glorious day and we couldn’t have scored better weather for our romantic outing with in Vienna! Who said, Paris is the most romantic city in the world? Sight-seeing by horse-drawn carriage has such a special charm, whomever you might be taking will just say ‘Yes’, when you’re surrounded by such an amazing and historic ambience.

Empress Sissi loved it here, so that’s something to go by when it comes to romance! She lived in the fabulous Hofburg Palace, comprising of around 2600 rooms, in which around 5000 people still work today. Being one of the most romantic royal figures in the history of the Austo-Hungarian Empire, she shaped what palace life was about in a rather modern fashion all those years ago, including installing a personal gym for herself – wow, what a woman! So, visiting the Sissi Museum is a must-do after your carriage ride. The Wiener Hofreitschule is also highly recommendable to see (whether in training sessions of the full-blown show), as those dancing Lippizaner Horses are pure joy to watch.

Life is extremely social in Vienna, hence its famous coffee places, nurturing the so-called Kaffeehaus-Society, when thinkers, authors, reformers, artists, painters, politicians, philanthropists and game-changers, as well as TA-DAH.TV’s very own Claudia Peifer, spent hours over cake and coffee, contemplating the world. Countless theatres, world famous museums and open-air spaces make this great city a haven for the performing arts. So, when you go, make sure you book yourself tickets to world-class performances of plays, operas, dance performances, or indeed, outdoor entertainment in the Prater, for a fab day/night out.

8 Best Things To Do In Vienna On Valentine’s Day

It’s the most popular city in Austria – with over 4 million people visiting in 2023. But when you’re yearning for romance, what are the best things to do in Vienna on Valentine’s Day? 

You might have seen but, here at TA-DAH.TV, we like to get around a little. 

But there’s just something enchanting about Vienna at Valentine’s that pulls you in. We needed to experience it! Here’s what we did and what we recommend you do!

Most romantic thing to do on Valentine’s Day: carriage ride through Vienna – Europe

Catching a City Break in Vienna on Valentine’s Day

It’s one of the most romantic cities in Europe, but what’s it like in Vienna on Valentine’s Day?

We’ve experienced city breaks in hundreds of awesome locales, from hot air ballooning and checking out Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh to spending 24 hours in Seville. But when the chance to visit Vienna at the most romantic time of the year popped up, we knew we had to get there!

We headed out to do some sleuthing on this gorgeous monument to modern romance. That’s how we know all about the best things to do here. So, what are those amazing activities?

What are the Best Things to Do in Vienna on Valentine’s Day?

Visiting Vienna on Valentine’s Day might raise the pressure to find some gorgeous (and super romantic) things to do in the city. If you’re feeling the squeeze, don’t worry, we have 8 activities that we know you’re both going to love!

  1. Ice skating under the stars
  2. Hofburg Palace 
  3. Kiss at The Kiss
  4. Giant Ferris Wheel
  5. Horse and carriage tour
  6. Chocolate spa treatment
  7. Go antiquing 
  8. Museum of Illusions

Ice Skating at Vienna Ice World

Every January – March, City Hall Square in Vienna turns into one of the largest open-air artificial ice rinks in the world. Kinda reminds us of our slide around Somerset House ice rink!

But what makes this icy attraction even more enchanting is the fact that they keep it open after dark on Valentine’s Day – specifically for star-crossed lovers who want to skate under the moonlight. 

Vienna Ice World is open until 10 pm on the big day and around 10 Euros each for adults, why not take the chance to grab a slide around after going for a romantic meal? 

Visiting Hofburg Palace

During your Valentine’s trip to the Austrian capital, you should definitely check out Hofburg Palace. Built-in 1279, the Imperial Palace is one of the most iconic sights in the city.

One of the biggest palace complexes in the world, once inside fans of our Arts & Culture Channel might like to explore a plethora of attractions including:

  • Sissi Museum & Imperial Apartments
  • Spanish Riding School
  • Imperial Treasury and Crown Jewels
  • Grand Hall of the Austrian National Library
  • The Butterfly House at the Burggarten 

External view of the Hofburg Palace Complex in Vienna

Grab an Eternal Peck at The Kiss

Did you know, on Valentine’s Day, each year couples can have a professional photograph of them kissing taken in front of Gutsav Klimt’s iconic ‘The Kiss’ painting?

The photography session runs from 6:30pm – 9:30pm and is completely free too! What could be more creative and romantic?!

Have a Turn On the Giant Ferris Wheel

On Valentine’s Day in Vienna, the gigantic ferris wheel in Prater opens until 9:45pm and is the perfect activity for those searching for a unique view of this romantic old centre. 

But, this is no ordinary ferris wheel. Each carriage is like a little chalet and you sail around the circle’s full 61m diameter in absolute comfort. 

There are even pods with dining tables for the ultimate romantic Valentine’s Day meal experience. 

Vienna Prater: Everything You Need to Know

Sip Champagne in A Horse-Drawn Carriage

When it comes to the best things to do in Vienna on Valentine’s Day, this one is definitely up our street.

During your hour-long tour of the top sites in Vienna, you can take in some of the incredible locations we’ve spoken about already including: 

  • Hofburg Palace complex
  • Heldenplatz
  • Albertina Museum
  • St Peter’s Church 
  • Graben
  • Cafe Central
  • Burgtheatre
  • Cafe Landtmann

Imagine spotting all that while sitting regally in the back of your horse-drawn carriage, enjoying a glass of bubbles and some sandwiches.   

However, a word of advice from us, if you do plan to try this on your February trip to Vienna, we recommend wrapping up warm. As lovely as the experience is, it can get cold up there on that gorgeous carriage. 

TA-DAH.TV go for a ride on a horse drawn carriage tour - one of the best things to do in Vienna on Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Spa Treatment 

What better way to warm up after your carriage tour of the city than by visiting the 5-star Hotel Sacher for a luxurious chocolate spa treatment. 

Treatments at the grand spa include rich facials, firming full-body massages and hydrating body wraps. All of which incorporate our favourite confectionary and Valentine’s treat – chocolate. 

Go Antiquing

One thing Vienna is not short of are antique shops. If you love nothing more than perusing the shelves for a bargain, then you’ll love spending your Valentine’s trip to Austria wandering the cobbled streets and exploring the quaint stores.  

Visit the Museum of Illusions

Size matters on Valentine’s Day, lucky for you the incredible Museum of Illusions can take care of all that. 

But, as well as altering your stature you can also experience some other truly unique moments like turning the world upside down or checking yourself out in the True Mirror. This terrifying attraction shows you how the world sees you (including your date). Yikes! 

Most Romantic Restaurants In Vienna: Satiating Appetites and Stirring Up Love

After all that exploration, you’ll probably be ready for a bite to eat – or looking forward to a show-stopping Valentine’s meal in Vienna. 

Well, whether you’re looking to beat your hunger pangs or dial up the romance, you can’t go wrong at these destinations: 

  • Tian Restaurant: Vegan Valentine’s rejoice, the top chefs at Tian Restaurant have been sending out Michelin-recognised plates since 2014. 
  • Zum Schwarzen Kameel: We mentioned the sandwiches on the carriage tour and they come from this very beautiful bistro. So, why not stop by to try more of the menu? 
  • Cafe Landtmann: A favourite of Sigmund Freud, we mentioned it in our tour video, Cafe Landtmann has been welcoming patrons with gorgeous food and sumptuous coffees and cakes for over 150 years. 

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