Scotland Seaplane Flight: Claudia Takes To The Skies So You Don’t Have To

If you had the chance to take to the skies over Loch Lomond on a thrilling Scotland seaplane flight, would you do it?

We’re talking soaring into the clouds from a watery start in the famous Loch and gliding above the Scottish West Coast, before touching back down into the water once more.

TA-DAH.TV certainly did! So Claudia, our very own Jane Blonde, hot-footed it up the Scottish Highlands for a daring aerial adventure like no other

Scotland seaplane flight taking off on Loch Lomond

What’s it Like Taking a Seaplane Flight On Loch Lomond?

After hot air ballooning in Marrakech, we thought we’d had all the aerial antics we could handle. But, seaplane trips in Scotland are an unforgettable experience. This one certainly lived up to that high billing. And no, we didn’t spot Nessie!

Is it nail-biting when you leave the Loch? Absolutely – touching back down again is no picnic either if you’re not the most confident flyer. But, once up in the air, all that anxiousness melts away and you’re left with staggering views of the shimmering west coast of Scotland.

We definitely were not ready for the clear blue Caribbean-esque waters that we found kissing the craggy coastline.

Where Did We Go On Our Scotland Seaplane Flight?

Starting from an understated jetty outside the stunning Cameron House Hotel, around 55 km from Glasgow, we took flight across the rugged southwestern coast of Scotland.

After thick cloud cover saw us head southwards, we glided majestically over Loch Striven to see a piece of real-life history. This Loch was the testing grounds for the infamous dambuster bombers and scientists back in World War II. But that was just one iconic moment on this flight.

We also flew over the island of Jura and George Orwell’s secluded hideaway near the water. The cloistered cottage was the setting for his creation of the sci-fi classic, 1984.

Unfortunately, more thick clouds meant that was the last we saw of the Hebridean Islands (or anything for that matter). So, we quickly made our way back down to terra firma and a much-needed cup of cocoa in the incredible Cameron House

Claudia Peifer sitting in a seaplane soaring over the west coast of Scotland

How Fast Does a Seaplane Travel?

Due to the floats on the bottom of the plane, seaplanes generally travel between 130 – 140 knots. That’s roughly 149 – 160 mph.

While that might sound super quick, it’s important to highlight that this is slower than standard land planes.

Those floats do their job in helping the plane take off and land on the water, but they also increase drag, weight and surface area which all help slow your roll.

How Long Are the Loch Lomond Seaplane Trips?

The Cameron House seaplane journey along the west coast of Scotland covers (roughly) 70 miles. However, if you want to upgrade for a longer experience, Explorer flights cover 110 miles.

Don’t worry about getting out and back on either of those adventures, as seaplanes in general are capable of much longer journeys.

Seaplane lands back at the jetty outside Cameron House Hotel.

How Far Can a Seaplane Travel?

The distance most seaplanes will travel depends on a number of factors including weight, fuel, conditions and wind resistance. However, the Loch Lomond Seaplanes used in this experience have a maximum range of around 790 nautical miles.

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