Annie B’s ‘Ultimate Gourmet Tour of Cádiz’

The food in Andalucia is in abundance, whether on land or in the sea – it’s Spain’s ‘horn of plenty’, many people say! And the culture there is as rich as it’s cuisine, influenced by the many conquering countries, who invaded southern Spain over centuries and left their marks. History is imbedded in the Andalusian culture and this is reflected in their kitchens and recipes too! In comes Annie B, who has been organising food tours from one of the prettiest, white-washed cities in the whole of Spain: Vejer! Perched on a large hill or small mountain, it is a stunning city to visit, and not only during their jazz festival. We’ve accompanied her on the ‘Ultimate Gourmet Tour of Cádiz’, which was a culinary revelation. Visiting local shops and learn to cook like a pro in her industrial kitchen was massive fun, but all the pit stops on the way around Vejer and even to the ‘Sherry triangle’, when we visited a sherry bodega with a tasting session after, were a real adventure. Watch it now and get hooked…then plan your very own tour some time later on, when it’s safe to travel again. No harm in starting to dream now though…

Although these current unprecedented times mean that it can be a struggle to get pasta from the local supermarket, let alone go on food tours across Europe, TA-DAH.TV wants to act strong as a platform in which people can escape the daily plight and hardship of isolation and start making plans again post-CV19. In this piece, we will take a look at some of Europe’s food tours – this is as convenient a time as ever to discuss food from across Europe as different cultures offer a variety of herbs and spices that allow us to stay healthy.

Annie B’s Ultimate Gourmet Tour of Cadiz

We were lucky enough to join the amazing Annie B – a food tour specialist, whom many foodies have great respect for! We followed her and her fantastic Spanish Kitchen on a fascinating tour of Cadiz. The tour consisted of many marvellous activities such as organic wine tastings. Our personal favourite part of the tour was the cooking class for Andalusian dishes – Annie knows exactly where to go to get the freshest & tastiest foods from different markets, shops and delicatessen, so it was a pleasure to be taught how to be the best by the best! We also enjoyed txocos for lunch, and a Sherry tour that really makes you appreciate Southern Andalusian lifestyle, it’s cuisine and everything it has to offer! Some other great food tours that are right at the top of our hit-list are:

Eating Europe’s London East Tour

Tours with Eating Europe first began in Rome in 2011 and they have been taking thousands of food lovers on amazing foodie tours ever since! Their tours allow guests to delve into the heart and stomach of some of the world’s most iconic cities. One of the tours they offer is a half day spent across the East End of London. You can indulge in the best English cheeses, fish and chips, salted caramel tarts, and curries along the famous Brick Lane. This is accompanied with many stops at London’s best shops, pubs, bakeries and restaurants.

Scooteroma’s Vespa Foodie Tour of Rome

Another food tour that is loved by people in their thousands is Scooteroma’s Vespa Foodie Tour of Rome. This tour combines two of Rome’s finest pleasures – Vespas and food. American expert Annie Ojile created this tour and one of her amazingly kind tour guides will get you from your very own hotel and take you on an astonishing tour of the gorgeous city. Along the way, you will stop at the old-school bakery Panella for a cornetto and cappuccino. This will be followed by trying the cult-favourite street food, treating yourself to gelato on the amazing Aventine Hill and eating in Pigneto – a lovely neighbourhood decorated with street art.

Yes, these times of self-isolation and staying indoors are hard, which is why TA-DAH.TV is thrilled to offer you places and lifestyle experiences to dive right into, until all of this CV-19 madness blows over. Offering new programmes every month, there are plenty of shows helping you escape the daily grind of self-discipline and much fun to be had all over Europe. Here’s to when this epidemic has been overcome and we can all do exciting things and be ourselves again…thanks for checking us out and have a lovely day!


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