Husky Sledding in Iceland – make your dream a reality

A bucket-list-must, it’s H-U-G-E fun for young & old, and the doggies are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They were as keen as we were to get out there. Seeing them jump and howl with sheer joy, eager to get going, the good vibe passes on from dog to human, making this and unforgettable experience for all thrill seekers. Make your dream a reality!

With many people looking to broaden their horizons this winter season after a tough summer stuck indoors, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself looking for exciting winter breaks to help you break up the same cycle each and every day. There’s a whole host of locations to choose from, but in this post we’re going to focus on one country that really is perfect when visiting in the winter. Iceland is a gorgeous country with more picturesque sights than you could ever imagine, as well as lots of fun activities to take part in that you may not be able to back at home! You can learn more about Iceland by reading on!

Why Iceland?

The first question you might find yourself asking is “Why Iceland?” – admittedly this isn’t somewhere that immediately springs to mind when considering holiday destinations, but we think it’s time to change that notion. Iceland has so much to offer as a holiday location from bustling cities, natural wonders, amazing sights, and even beaches (more about those shortly!).

One thing you may have heard about Iceland is that it’s a hotspot for Northern Lights sightings – this is absolutely true, and you can even take a tour to check out the lights from the best spots on the island! In addition to this, you’ll also have the chance to travel to the dramatic scenery found at both the West and East Fjords, which are rife with photo opportunities and breath-taking views.

One thing to bear in mind when visiting Iceland in the winter is the climate – it can get pretty cold (temperatures can range from 7 above freezing to 8 below, so be sure to pack your woolly hats, scarves, and coats!

The one place you will not need to wear your woolly jumper and gloves are in the hot springs. The most famous one it The Great Geysir, which is the main attraction of Iceland’s most popular sightseeing tour called ‘The Golden Circle’. These hot springs can reach temperatures of between 36 – 44ºCelsius, and wow, that is HOT. They confirm, that Iceland is a country of complete extremes, and yes, they’re great fun to visit and make a day of it, the most special spring being the Hrunalaug hot spring.

Lastly, let’s go back to those beaches we mentioned earlier – whilst it may seem a little odd to be visiting a beach in your coat and snow boots, it’ll all make sense once you see them. These beaches are a sight that need to be seen to be believed; they’re made of black volcanic ash, which gives the appearance of an entirely black beach. These beaches are a great item to tick off of your traveller’s bucket list.

Husky Sledding

One of the most popular activities in Iceland revolves around Husky dogs – this breed is built for cold weather and snow, often being used to pull a sled through the snow in packs!

Dog Sledding is one of the most exhilarating experiences that you can have on your trip to Iceland – zipping across the snow and ice being powered by a pack of beautiful dogs from the island. When sledding, you won’t be in control of the sled – you’ll be a passenger along for the ride; the control of the sled is best left to the experts, who are called ‘Mushers’. Attire is incredibly important when dog sledding – you’ll be out in the open and temperatures can drop to below freezing, so it’s best to dress as if you were going skiing to ensure that you stay warm and safe. Often, the Husky sledding tour operator also provides thermal overalls for further insulation, and boy, will you need those, as the crew found out during the shoot.

Check out this great video from TA-DAH.TV to see some real hands-on dog-sledding clips!


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