Exclusive interview: DJ Tito Pulpo

His show on BeachGrooves Radio plays at our Spanish office every day, keeping up the good vibe, while we’re dancing away at our desks to the hottest deep soulful house tracks during lunch time. He is London’s best music export on the Costa del Sol, having brought down to the coast his definitive feel-good music style many moons ago. Years later he is still banging out the best tunes in sunny Marbs, holding residencies and parties at the coolest venues.

We’re talking weekly slots at the famous Puente Romano Beach Resort, as well as residencies at Victor’s Beach, poolside sessions at the Paloma Blanca Hotel in San Pedro, private members club LLa-Arte and Locos Marbella. Brand-new pool party venue Mogli has been knocking at his door already, after he played at the ‘Illegal Party’ at Estepona’s bull ring, so watch this space…and what a charming guy he is to chat to as well: honest and straight forward, just like his mixes!

Find out about what got him to come ‘darn sarf’ in the first place, how he took on his stage name name and what his music means to people by watching our exclusive interview with him now

Gilbert & George – The Great Exhibition at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

It’s been a long time coming, but thanks to a great collaboration between the LUMA Foundation, the Modern Museet Stockholm and the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, The Great Exhibition has been showing at the Schirn until the 5th of September’21. This brilliant retrospective, showing works from 1071 – 2019, was a huge success, cementing the international fame of Brit Artists Gilbert & George again as sharp tongued observers of our society, life and history!
This incredible show is of particular interest to our presenter Claudia Peifer, as the first exhibition she ever saw, having set foot on British soil many moons ago, was indeed by Gilbert & George, who at the time were showing at the Hayward Gallery within the Southbank Centre in London. For the two gents to have made it to her home town in 2021 is indeed something she’s thrilled about.
G &G’s works need no introduction, as they represent so many issues of our modern life, that they easily transcend borders and indeed language(s). You’ll need to equip yourself with humour and understanding in order to not be intimidated, either by the subject matter or the size of their works, but provocation & criticism is precisely where the importance of their works lies buried. Open mindedness is an overall requirement, which is why, we think, their work is so timeless, other than being so impressive.
If you couldn’t make it to this blockbuster, watch our round-up now and stay tuned for more information about the next stop of this brilliant show