Mary Quant exhibition at London’s V&A

She’s an iconic designer, who shaped the world of fashion, invented the mini-skirt and made hot pants an unacceptable piece of clothing in a girl’s wardrobe! This blockbuster exhibition is the first full retrospective of Mary Quant’s career as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, licensing queen, feminist and global influencer of her time. The V&A managed to track down unique fashion pieces for this exhibition, that have never been seen by the public before. Not just from the adoring public, who cherished their Mary Quant clothes, but also items from Mary Quant’s private collections. She single handedly liberated whole generations of women, asking them to come out of their shells by wearing her clothing, and a fashion movement was born…this is a must-see exhibition for any fashion aficionado and vintage lover! Click that start button now to catch a glimpse of who Mary was and how she has changed so many women’s lives.

Fifa Women’s World Cup from 7 June – 7 July 2019

Women’s football is getting more and more exciting! As the world takes part and takes notice, the USA shows the way, where women’s football is totally professional and a huge draw for the public. But with this World Cup, Europe should absolutely follow suit – in fact, since England beat Scotland in one of the first games, the pressure is on and excitement is building already. Fancy supporting the girls from your country, then check the fixtures, buy tickets to France and get stuck in (

Rocketman – Movie

rocketman the film

Taron Egerton is an inspired choice to portray Elton John in this film of a life story that’s seen more rollercoaster action than Disney World! He’s got sass, he’s got the voice and he isn’t afraid to bust any limits. Elton John’s life has been pure drama and this film does it justice: excellent script, dead-pan performances and outstanding costume (we quite fancied one or two of those outfits for the office). It’s a must-see for 2019, also because Elton is on tour as well, still knocking out the hits, stunning audiences all over the globe with his show ‘Farewell – Yellow Brick Road’. If you can see it in English, do – it makes all the difference to see this picture in its original language (

Opium Beach Club Marbella Summer Opening Juan Magán


Being the 2nd most-streamed Spanish artist after Enrique Iglesias, #ELDM superstar Juan Magán descended onto Marbella with much anticipation to open the summer season of the Opium Beach Club! Apart from being super charming too, he got over 3500 guests off their feet in no time, singing to his hits at the top of their voices, knowing every word of his hits. The evening was brilliant right from the start with excellent entertainment and great DJs firing up the crowd – couldn’t make it? Then fix yourself a mojito, kick off your shoes and hit that play button now…you can almost feel the sand underneath your feet…