Jamie Cullum Live: ‘All At Sea’ – Starlite Festival Marbella 2019

Jamie Cullum playing live at the auditorium La Cantera de Nagüeles, in the hills high up above Marbella is really special – he even made the rock turn blue! This is one of his greatest classic jazz numbers to which everybody and anybody can relate to. He wrote the song 2 decades ago, single we guess, when he must have had the blues good and proper, yet it’s got his name all over the track: a sensitive tune with a beautiful melody and observing lyrics, that only he could come up with. Watch the vid now and soak up the brilliant atmosphere of that night, when he played his heart out at one of his favourite venues ever.

CC+ by IT Cosmetics

Is this the perfect skin correction cream AND sunscreen in one, or what?!? It also has anti-aging properties and couple with a hydration serum, the SPF 40 sun protection and it’s oil-free matte finish compounds, we are over the moon with perfect skin throughout summer – or are we? Check for yourself, as demo video in the making

Keith Haring at Tate Liverpool until 10 November 2019

This man needs no introduction, but what’s astonishing is, that this is Haring’s first major exhibition in the UK, ever! The New Yorker’s pop art has shaped modern art greatly and although his little one-line-men look great fun, he addressed really serious subjects with his work, from Apartheid to Aids. The energy his pieces radiate is incredible, quite apart from the fact that we love the location and the venue that houses the Tate Liverpool. An absolute must-see, so don’t leave it too late to plan your visit…(tate-org.uk)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 from 2-26 August

Every year, for 3 weeks, Edinburgh goes completely crazy for artistic performances, circus, music shows, theatre, opera, cabaret, dance, comedy and much, much more, welcoming an explosion of energy and creativity, that is hard to match anywhere in the world. It is also the launch platform for gazillions of artists and acts, who perform their world premieres on this fertile ground for anything art. From big names in entertainment to unknown artists or acts, they all flock to th world’s biggest arts festival there is – a whole city devoted to art and culture. It’s a real experience, so go and soak in all that creative energy to give you wiiiings! (edfringe.com)

Bitter Wheat at Garrick Theatre/London until 21 September’19

Half of America is in London this summer, and no, we’re not talking about Trump and his administration! The latest masterpiece by award-winning playwright David Mamet brings John Malkovich back to the stage after a 33 year hiatus. The fact that he’s playing London’s West End is an added bonus and a huge nod to theatre land this side of the pond, but what’s really the subject here is the decline of Hollywood studios and, thanks Harvey Weinstein’s for the story, the downfall of those moguls, who thought they owned the world and could use people as if they were dischargeable coffee cups. By the dozen a day, is what we mean by that…the raving reviews of Malkovich in this role ought to be listened to, so go and see it for yourself in to get the flavour of what life was like for hundreds of actresses, who wanted to make it in show biz. bitterwheatplay.com

Zara Larsson at the Gibraltar Music Festival

Is there anybody walking the planet not knowing this global summer smash hit of a dance track? No, we didn’t think so either. Whilst planes were landing and taking off at the airport next door, the crowd went bananas for this tune, which has to be the biggest summer hit of the decade, right? And no wonder why: Zara is a s good live on stage as she in her produced vids, so we all had massive fun. Watch it now to catch the flava…