Hot air balloon flight & camel ride outside Marrakesh in Morocco

We went straight from The Oasis Music Festival at 3.30am to our pick-up point to head for the desert – who needs sleep anyway? On arrival it was time for coffee & croissant (very French) in a beautiful Berber tent (very Aladdin), whilst the crew cranked up the burners to fill the balloon and get everything ready for take off. Our aim? Hitting 1000m altitude to watch the sun rise over the Atlas Mountains – magical! The man to take us up there is called Ya-Ya for a nickname, and happens to be the youngest hot air balloon pilot in Morocco…we were wondering if that was a good thing or not? Anyway, he was super charismatic and never short of a joke, as some on board found the whole experience a bit much to comprehend: open air, altitude, just a wicker basket holding us… you can imagine the rest.

The reward was a mind-blowing sunrise in eerie silence, which was quite humbling…until Ya-Ya played the Lion King’s theme song, and we all fell about with laughter. Explaining what all the different ropes were about to manoeuvre the balloon was really interesting, as you can’t ‘fly’ a balloon like a plane. Excellent stuff…before we knew it, the first balloon from our group had already landed, when it was our turn.

The 45 minutes flight, up in the open air, literally flew by. The 4x4s had already driven out into the fields, where we were expected to land. And then, the pilot announced, that he’s going to land the balloon on the trailer for us! We all looked at him in complete disbelief – and yes, the first attempt was aborted, Ya-Ya was not happy with certain aspects of the landing, so he yanked the burner up once more and we took off again. The second time around, he performed a text-book-landing, and we couldn’t believe our eyes and what had just happened. Watch the vid to see for yourself and the start dreaming about where to go on holiday first, once lockdown is over…a total no-brainer, of course!

TA-DAH.TV Go Hot Air Ballooning in Marrakech!

What an amazing trip we had there! Straight from The Oasis Music Festival out to the desert
between Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains for a once in a lifetime adventure: hot air
ballooning to watch the sunrise over the mountains at 1000m altitude…and riding camels!
Not everybody was at ease with it all, as some of our fellow passengers thought this trip
could be quite scary. But the scintillating views and beautiful silence, once up in the air,
soon got us all relaxed, feeling quite chilled actually!

Hot Air Ballooning

We first travelled into the desert just outside of Marrakech, which was located at the feet of
the stunning Atlas Mountains. Once we had all settled down for coffee & croissants or fresh
peppermint tea inside the traditional Berber tents, tensions began to ease and the jokes
started doing their rounds – yep, we were going to be just fine! With the food now warming
our bodies, we were introduced to Morocco’s youngest hot-air balloon pilot; his nickname
being Ya-Ya! Alongside 12 other , by now buzzing, travellers from France, Ireland, Germany,
England, and America, Ya-Ya welcomed us onto his hot-air balloon after the the crew had
checked and prepared the so-called ‘envelopes’, the proper terminology for the actual
balloon. Ours was just one of 10 flights to take off at 6.30AM! We were asked to crouch
down for take-off, which we couldn’t understand at first. But then, this is all open-air, and
whilst standing up sounds cool, it isn’t cool when people start bringing their breakfast back
up, so we all got the drift. As the balloon started to gain height and momentum, we were all
so excited but still slightly nervous at the same time – this was a major first for all of us!

What none of us expected, however, was the eerie silence that was to follow once we were
at 1000m altitude. We were all speechless in sheer admiration of the 360 view we had of
the desert, mountains, and skyline – truly incomparable. And then, to get us back in full
voice, Ya-Ya began to play the Lion King theme song whilst the sun rose, which was just
hilarious! It had us in stitches! As well as providing humour, Ya-Ya then showed us his
talents by landing the balloon perfectly on the trailer at the back of the 4×4. Didn’t quite
work out the first time round, but the second landing was proper text-book stuff. Once back
on solid ground, we were ‘awarded’ our certificate, so it’s official: we all survived…and so
that our friends had proof we weren’t telling them any porkies. With our Western names
written in Arabic, we thought it was quite a cool thing to walk away with, before the 4x4s
took us back to base camp through the gritty fields and rough terrain, being shaken about
from left to right. Ya-Ya’s final contribution: ‘Guys, it’s what we call a perfect Berber

Camel Ride

From our base at the Berber tent, we then got taken for another ride – a camel ride, to be
precise. Our next mode of transport was much closer to the ground…and had 4 legs, thank
god. Wondering what would be more frightening: a hot air balloon flight or a camel ride (on
a living thing), we finally arrived at our destination, a lot closer to Marrakesh. My camel was
called Daisy – quite contrary to her mannerisms! We all had a complete laugh bumping up
and down on the camel’s backs whilst they strutted their stuff across the terrain! Although
the camels were extremely well behaved, some of the passengers were quite scared, as this ‘machine’ seemed to have its own mind, although there was absolutely no need to fear.

There’s something rather entertaining about the concept of surrendering your livelihood to
a camel that you’ve just met, it merely adds to the fun and excitement! By the time that we
had to leave, some of us grew quite fond of our camels, realising that after all, they really
are quite good natured ‘beasts’. I ‘kissed’ Daisy good-bye and before we knew it, some of us
had already burnt, as the sun was extremely hot by mid-day – so we advise taking some
factor 50 if you wish to live through this experience unscathed! After all, we really would
recommend a trip like this – it was an adventure of a life time and definitely one to tick off
the bucket list!

So, whilst on extended lockdown, we hope you’re all staying sane and safe through these
unprecedented times. TA-DAH.TV wish you all the best, good health and keep supporting
each other! But above all: start planning your next adventure or holiday trip now, so you’ve
got something to look forward to, once lockdown is over…have fun!

Where To Stay

We’ve got a real secret to reveal to you – a gem, right in the Medina of Morocco’s Old Town! The Riad El Mezouar is utterly charming, beautifully styled and a proper oasis of calm and tranquility you can escape to from all the mayhem and busy-ness in this great, but crazy city!
With just a handful of exquisitely styled room and suites, it’s actually the perfect get-away destination for a private party, should you have reason to celebrate (we always find one)! Romaine Lancaster, the ‘châtelaine’, stops for nothing to make your stay as unique and unforgettable as possible – something one rarely finds anymore. Her personal style can be seen everywhere, and her super friendly team of staff are equally as happy create an unforgettable experience for you, alongside Romaine’s lead.
Private dinners by the plunge pool in the centre of the courtyard are particularly special and the lady chef won’t fail to deliver utterly delicious and authentic cuisine, which you ought to try at least twice during your stay, as once is never enough. Any special dietary request are welcome, and so all that remains is for you to turn up, be ready for a culture trip of the finest…and let life happen to you (

Simple Minds

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  • 28 Aug: Leeds, First Direct Arena
  • 02 March 2022: Copenhagen, K.B. Hallen
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  • 05 March: Bielefeld, Lokschuppen
  • 07 March: Lille, Zenith Arena
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  • 27 March: Aurich, Sparkassen Halle
  • 28 March: Saarbrücken, Saarlandhalle
  • 29 March: Ravensburg, Oberschwabenhalle
  • 31 March: London, SSE Arena Wembley
  • 01 April: Bournemouth, Int’l Centre
  • 03 April: Brighton, Brighton Centre
  • 05 April: Aberdeen, P&J Live
  • 06 April: Glasgow, SSE Hydro
  • 07 April: Birmingham, B’ham Resorts World Arena
  • 09 April: Leeds, First Direct Arena
  • 10 April: Newcastle, Utilita Arena
  • 12 April: Nottingham, Motorpoint Arena
  • 14 April: Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
  • 15 April: Hull, Bonus Arena
  • 16 April: Liverpool, M&S Bank Arena
  • 17 April: Dublin, 3Arena
  • 19 April: Amsterdam, Ziggo Dome
  • 20 April: Antwerp, Sportpaleis
  • 21 April: Hamburg, Barclaycard Arena
  • 24 April: Porto, Porto Coliseum
  • 25 April: Lisbon, Campo Pequeño
  • 18 June: Oxfordshire, Blenheim Palace
  • 26 June: Tilloloy, Retro C Trop Fest
  • 27 June: Luxembourg, Rockhal
  • 28 June: Lausanne, Salle Metropole
  • 30 June: Zagreb, SRC Salata
  • 01 July: Munich: Tollwood Sommerfestival
  • 09 July: Cognac, Festival Blues Passions
  • 12 July: Taormina, Teatro Antico de Taormina
  • 14 July: Pescara, Teatro D’Annunzio
  • 15 July: Pistoia, Pistoia Blues
  • 17 July: Rome, Auditorium Parco della Musica
  • 18 July: Verona, Arena di Verona
  • 29 July: Marbella, Starlite Marbella
  • 31 July: Jerez, Tio Pepe Festival
  • 09 Aug: Belfast, Custom house Square
  • 21 Aug: Edinburgh, E’burgh Summer Sessions

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Top 15 foods to boost your immune system, supporting your own natural defences

Here’s how you can boost your immune system naturally, from the ‘kitchen pharmacy’, offering yourself the best our planet can give to strengthen your body’s defences! Don’t forget: most of what the body needs is provided by Mother Earth, hence eating seasonally is being given so much importance. However, during a pandemic, your body will need certain things to stand up to viral or bacterial threats, so, hard times health-wise require double the measures to stay strong. You will most probably know all of these foods anyway, but do you know what nutrients they contain and what they do to your body? Probably not…that’s why we made this programme, so that you can help yourself during the days of the dreaded Coronavirus, which we will beat! Feed yourself strong, cook the right things for your children to stand the best chance (not just during this pandemic, but also to grow up strong enough to withstand seasonal health threats), and if you’re looking after older relatives, then you’ll be able to prop them up too, just by sorting them out with the right meals. Knowledge is power, so have a look at the video, feel inspired and get cooking…


TA-DAH.TV’s SELF-HELP Special: 15 Foods to Strengthen Your Body’s Defence Against Coronavirus

These challenging times have got all of us struggling in our own ways – many of you may know somebody who has unfortunately contracted COVID-19, whilst many people’s mental health may be deteriorating due to fear of contracting it themselves. This is why TA-DAH.TV have listed 15 foods that you can include in your diet to boost your body’s immune system! Acting as the third instalment of their new SELF-HELP series, we hope these foods are of a massive help towards staying safe!


When you think of foods that could boost your immune system, we highly doubt that you’d think of shellfish. However, many types of shellfish are actually stacked with zinc. Although zinc doesn’t get as much focus as other minerals, it is vital to boosting your immune system and our bodies don’t produce zinc themselves! Some types of shellfish which contain high quantities of zinc are; clams, lobster, crab, and mussels. Try to not overdo it with zinc though, as males shouldn’t exceed 11mg a day whilst a female’s daily limit is 8mg. 

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of the main ingredients you should be filling your body with when looking to avoid coronavirus – they are full of a plethora of nutrients including magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin B-6. Not only that, but they have high quantities of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which is pivotal in sustaining a functioning immune system.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato has become quite a fashionable food in recent years – why it wasn’t as great a part in our diet as it is today, we don’t know. Still, we’re grateful for the ‘wonky’ sweet potato, also called yam, as it is a brilliant source of beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium, but also contains pro-vitamin A, B6, B5 and vitamin E! A proper superfood then! 

Oily Fish

Apart from being an excellent source of lean protein, oily fish like tuna, mackerel and salmon are secret superstars of shielding you from illness. Rich in omega3-fatty acids, they contain important minerals like iron, zinc, selenium and iodine, whilst also containing vitamins A & D. Vitamin D  is a fat-soluble nutrient, which the Eskimos swear by to protect them from falling ill during the winter season, as it’s essential to the health and the function of the body’s immune system.


Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are like soldiers, fighting your corner. They help fight inflammation, contain a huge amount of vitamin C, manganese, vitamin K1, copper, potassium and iron, whilst packed to the rafters with antioxidants. They also help lower cholesterol too, which is a great side effect, so they are a perfect fruit to have on a daily basis. For such a small fruit, they’re real powerhouses in promoting a healthy body.

Green Tea

As well as green tea, black tea is also full of antioxidants called flavonoids. However, green tea in particular can be of great use to you as it possesses high levels of EGCG – which improves immune function. Because green tea is steamed rather than fermented, the EGCG remains.


Turmeric is a bitter spice that has been used as an anti-inflammatory in treating arthritis and osteoarthritis. As well as this, curcumin can reduce muscle damage caused by exercise, and turmeric contains lots of curcumin!


Vitamin E is essential in boosting your immune system, and almonds boast high quantities of vitamin E! Also containing extremely healthy fats, a half-cup serving of almonds will give you virtually all of your recommended daily intake of vitamin E!

Spinach/Courgette or Zucchini

Not only does spinach contain lots of vitamin C, it is stacked with several antioxidants and beta carotene, which allows our immune systems to fight infections. They also contain vitamin K, iron and calcium. The best way to eat spinach in this case is to cook it as little as possible – this way the spinach will retain its nutrients and proceed to be a great food for your immune system. However, courgettes are great for baking and casseroles, soups and even fritter, so a very versatile ‘green’ to have indeed.

Fresh Ginger

Ginger is another great food to include in your diet if you want to reduce inflammation, nausea and boost your immune system. Yes, ginger is used in countless sweet desserts, but ginger also packs heat in the form of gingerol, which is a relative of capsaicin. Not only that, but ginger possesses properties that lower cholesterol too! 


Used in most cuisines all across the world, garlic is essential for your health whilst adding a bit of zing to your meals at the same time. Garlic can be pivotal in fighting off infections, whilst it can also reduce blood pressure by slowing down arteries hardening. Garlic contains large quantities of sulphur and allicin, which is why it is so good at boosting immune systems!


Supercharged with minerals and vitamins, broccoli is one of the best foods to include in your diet during the pandemic. Broccoli is an extremely healthy vegetable as it contains loads of vitamin A, C, and E – and that’s not even including the fibre and antioxidants. Try to cook broccoli as little as possible so that it keeps its power intact.

Red Bell Peppers

A strong source of beta carotene, citrus fruits boast extremely large quantities of vitamin C – more than the majority of all the fruit and vegetables out there! Not only will red bell peppers boost your immune system because of this, but they will also assist you in having healthy skin and eyes.

Dark Chocolate

A daily ration of dark chocolate supports the nervous system, but also has other health benefits: rich in B vitamins, potassium, zinc and iron (hence good for your nerves) are all being put to work to keep your string and healthy. Zinc is needed by the body for immune cell development, whilst it’s an anti-inflammatory as well! As mentioned further up in this article (shellfish), male and female requirements of zinc vary, and it’s important to not overdo it, so balance your meal accordingly.

Citrus Fruits

Last, but most definitely not least, are citrus fruits. Many people use citrus fruits when they are well and it is for good reason – citrus fruits are extremely high in vitamin C and are effective in making your immune system stronger. They also boost the quantity of white blood cells in your body which is pivotal in fighting off COVID-19.


Craig David

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  • 7 Aug: The Oval/East Sussex, Southern Sunset Festival
  • 28 Aug: Portsmouth, Victorious Festival: TS5
  • 03 Sept: Cornwall, Bands in the Sands Festival: Live band
  • 11 Sept: Norwich, Earlham Park: Live band
  • 18 Sept: Marlow, Pub in the Park: Live band
  • 29 Oct: Bedford, Halloween Town Festival: TS5
  • 07 April 2022: Nottingham, Nottingham Arena: Live band
  • 09 April: Birmingham, B’ham Utilita Arena: Live band
  • 10 April: Birmingham, Resorts World: Live band
  • 12 April: Plymouth, Pavilions: Live band
  • 13 April: Brighton, Brighton Centre: Live band
  • 16/17 April: London, O2 Arena: Live band
  • 19 April: Bournemouth, B’mouth Int’l Centre: Live band
  • 20 April: Cardiff, Cardiff Motorpoint Arena: Live band
  • 22 April: Leeds, Leeds Arena: Live band
  • 23 April: Manchester, Manchester Arena: Live band
  • 24 April: Liverpool, Liverpool Arena: Live band
  • 26 April: Hull, Hull Bonus Arena, Live band
  • 28 April: Glasgow, Glasgow Academy: TS5
  • 29 April: Newcastle, Newcastle City Hall: TS5

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