Helmut Newton – one of the world’s most influential photographers! See his exhibitions in Europe in 2024

His life journey was an incredible one! His professional journey, seeing him develop into one of the world’s most influential and iconic photographers of our time, and not just in fashion, is even more staggering. The Helmut Newton Foundation, which was founded a few months before his death in 2003 and is housed in the Museum of Photography in Berlin, depicts this in a permanent show space, but his exhibitions ‘Fact & Fiction’, as well as ‘Legacy’, travel throughout Europe.

His work shot to fame in the fashion world, but many of the world’s biggest stars of film and screen, as well as countless celebrities passed before his lens. All looking spectacular, as Helmut Newton knew how to bring out the best in each and every subject he shot. His knack for positioning and evoking expressions that would give his photographs originality and a unique aspect to what he saw in the people (or indeed products) in front of camera, made him famous and sought after all over the planet.

Provocative and sensually beautiful, he managed to coax the most famous models in front of the camera for his nude sessions – all of them powerful and stunning, in their own way. We absolutely recommend you to pay any of his exhibitions as a visit and get your mind blown by his powerful imagery and unbelievably creative talent


  • 18 Nov 2023 – 1 May 2024: Helmut Newton. Fact & Fiction at the MOP Foundation, A Coruña (themopfoundation.org)
  • 15 Feb – 20 May 2024: Chronorama, Photographic Treasures of the 20th Century at the Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin (helmut-newton-foundation.org)
  • 27 March – 24 Nov 2024: Helmut Newton. Legacy at Le Stanze Della Fotografia, Venice (lestanzedellafotografia.it)