Banksy – ‘The Art of Protest’ exhibition at La Térmica in Málaga/ Costa del Sol

Known around the world for his acid humour and slamming the truth right in your face, street artist Banksy was honoured with yet another ‘unofficial’ exhibition at La Térmica in Málaga on the Costa del Sol! A former hospital/sanatorium, this space was perfect to portray the world in all its facets and problems, which ‘need mending’! On show for the very first time in Spain(!), the over 40 pieces, that were donated by private collectors, included sketches, prints, installations, sculptures, video and photographs, which made this exhibition so very special! La Térmica said, that this was they were bowled over by the success of this show and that it’s their most successful exhibition to date, stating that over 60.000 visitors walked through the doors of this cultural centre to enjoy the crazy art and ‘rough love’ statements by the man from Bristol. Couldn’t make it? Then watch the video now to catch the vibe at this incredible tribute to one of the most controversial artists of our time

Widely regarded as one of the most influential artists of all time, Banksy’s identity still remains unknown to this day. We know that he’s from Bristol, but his figure is still being held in a whirlwind of mystery. Accompanied by his controversial art, immersing the viewer into modern reality, the greatest PR stunt of all time (which is remaining incognito,) resulted in Banksy obtaining a prestige reputation. And honestly, it is fully deserved! The vibrant colours and innovative methods that are portrayed in his work makes for an excellent exhibition. TA-DAH. TV went to check out Banksy’s “Art of Protest” exhibition in Málaga, to find out about why this particular show of Banksy’s art offered a different experience.

La Térmica Malaga

Spanning a massive 13,000m2, La Térmica, (The Thermal) is a beautiful building located in Malaga, Spain. Acting as a social and cultural container, the building boasts a vast array of artistic displays and exhibits. As well as offering workshops and training, La Térmica displays a plethora of works of performing arts, cinema, fashion, design, music and so much more! There really is excitement for all, no matter what your background or interests. The most recent sensation here has been Banksy’s Art of Protest exhibition, offering an insight into the universe of a fascinating artist. The exhibition contains over 40 pieces of Banksy’s work, including videos, sculptures, installations and his original works. Let’s take a look at a couple of the most famous pieces TA-DAH.TV were able to see!

Girl with Balloon

This masterpiece is classed as Banksy’s most famous work. Originally painted on Waterloo Bridge in 2002, the painting shows a young girl reaching for a red, heart shaped balloon that is flying away. Since then, an abundance of copies of the image have been painted around London – not to mention all the framed copies too! The image became so famous that it was even projected onto the Eiffel Tower and Nelson’s column. Not only that, but an animated video was constructed of the painting, which included a narrative being told by Idris Elba and music from Elbow. Talk about recognition! 2,000 people were questioned on their favourite art piece and the results showed that Girl with Balloon was the people’s number 1 artwork. In October 2018, a framed copy of the image sold for a whopping £1,042,000 – officially the most valuable work of Banksy’s! After the image was auctioned, the painting shredded itself via a shredder inside the frame. Yikes! However, the shredding in fact made the painting more valuable and now has a new name of “Love Is in The Bin”. TA-DAH.TV loved seeing this work of beauty in the flesh!

Kate Moss

Banksy released an Andy Warhol inspired painting of Kate Moss in 2006. Originally, 50 blue versions were printed of the image, followed by 20 each of a further six colours. After the painting had gained fame, Banksy surprised Kate Moss by putting the image in her bathroom when she was on her honeymoon. How’s that for romance! This stunt propelled the image into the limelight, and as a result, multiple copies have sold for 6 figure sums. This image is now regarded as one of Banksy’s most recognisable works – and it comes as no surprise! The beautiful blend of vibrant colours pays homage to Warhol’s work, as he glorified people who had reached legendary status. By adding Marilyn Monroe’s hair onto the face of Kate Moss, Banksy had cemented his status as an innovative, generation-defining artist. How lucky we were to see the painting at the Art of Protest exhibition!

We hope that the above information has been of help to all of you Banksy-holics! We are so blessed to live in a time in which the likes of Banksy, and many other talented artists, have their work on display for us lucky folk. Above is the video link to TA-DAH.TV’s trip to the exhibition. Have a fantastic day!

Fashion Special: Piluca Bayarri Ibiza


Look your best, when you need to make an entrance: Piluca Bayarri’s highly original and exclusive designer jackets will make you stand out from the crowd! Whether it’s Mexican skulls, camouflage prints or tie-die denim, people won’t forget you in the looks she creates.


Piluca Bayarri AW19 Collection

In 1984, Piluca Bayarri left her hometown of Valencia for the island of Ibiza. Visiting for the very first time, she fell madly in love with the island – just like the rest of us! After fifteen days admiring everything Ibiza had to offer, Piluca Bayarri decided that she wanted to spend the rest of her life on the beautiful island. She has even said in her own words, “It is the place where I want to be buried when the moment arrives” and we don’t think many of us could disagree! Fast-forward 35 years and Bayarri has now cemented herself as one of the most important names in Ibiza fashion. Her new AW19 collection came out in June, which features skulls on completely original designed jackets – perfectly fitting with Halloween!

Skull Prints

On the AW19 jackets, many of her unique designs feature the infamous Calavera skull prints. Notorious for being a symbol of the Day of the Dead festival and the Roman Catholic All Soul’s Day, the skulls bring a ghoulie feel to the collection – whilst looking suave and stylish at the same time! In Mexico they celebrate the colourful Día de los Muertos – who hasn’t seen the spectacular scenes in James Bond’s ‘Spectre’ film, of course, and that’s exactly where those fun-looking skulls actually originate from!
Accompanied with the skulls are camouflage prints that not only are aesthetically pleasing, they’re downright funky we say, but also further enhance the spooky feeling to the jackets. What’s not to like?! These jackets can be bought in either dark or brighter shades, many of them donning the Calavera skulls. Whichever colour you feel is the most eye catching, one thing is for certain, nobody will miss the terrifying skull, so you’re guaranteed a bit of an entrance, wherever you wear them to!


Every single piece in this collection has its own completely original, unique design – much to the credit of the sensational Bayarri! As well as including the skulls, the collection has lace panels on the back and include great trimmings like fringed braids and some mega cool studded epaulettes! This design makes you think of one thing and one thing only: Ibiza! Mirroring the famous culture and antics that Ibiza has to offer, the AW19 collection is desirable not just for permanent Ibiza residents, but everyone visiting the island, including tourists passing by. After all, Bayarri first came to Ibiza as a tourist herself! Who knows, the beautiful design could inspire the next wave of budding, Ibizan designers!

Celebrity Approval

As if you didn’t need any more convincing that the collection is undoubtedly amazing, a couple of famous figures have voiced their approval! Model, actress and businesswoman, Naomi Campbell is a well-known fan of Bayarri’s work – and who are we to say she’s wrong! Also, Kate Moss has even declared her love for Bayarri’s collection. Of course, she’s the original rock chick anyway! So, unless you’re going against the informed opinions of these industry experts, we have no doubt you find the AW19 collection as fascinating as TA-DAH.TV does!!

Fendi Prints On x ELLE

Summer or winter season? Who cares! Mix it up, is what this range by Fendi Prints On x Elle is about, and work it the best you can! Suitable for boys & girls, the message is more fashion collaboration than to fit into any collection box, so hit the shops or buy online before it’s gone

Sportalm Skiwear

Sportalm is one of the coolest skiwear brands! Their collections are always directional, yet wearable, without the flashing gold zips. Based in Kitzbühel/Austria, they’re sitting right in the heart of all the skiing action during the winter season, with countless championships and tournaments held there. So, no wonder then, that you can just pop up the mountain to shoot a cute video. Their stuff is made for skiers, who mean business on the slopes, so check this vid to get the low-down on what you should be wearing this winter.

Keane Live: ’The Way I Feel’ – exclusive pre-tour gig at Pryzm/London

This is the first single released of their new album ‘Cause And Effect’ and it got us all going good and proper! Keane’s sound is instantly recognisable and ’The Way I Feel’ fits the bill and their style completely. It was stunning to hear them live up close and in a very personal way. They were missed thoroughly over the year, and after a few solo albums by Tom Chaplin and Tim Rice-Oxley, to see them all back together again was just fantastic. The gig felt more like a private party, as if someone just hired one of the the UK’s biggest pop-rock bands to provide us all with a bit of a dance that night. Truth is, it was unforgettable experience because it felt so intimate. Watch the vid now to catch the flavour of the night – feel free to rock along!

Keane live: ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ – exclusive pre-tour gig at Pryzm/ London

They’re back together again after 7 years! The atmosphere amongst the few lucky people attending this exclusive gig, promoting their new album ‘Cause And Effect’ at Pryzm club in Kingston/London, was electric. So refreshing to hear Tom Chaplin speak so frank and honest – in return the love in the room for one of Britain’s best pop rock band was undeniable. They played a few selected dates throughout the UK as a sort of warm-up exercise for their new tour in 2020. Little did they know what hit them when they arrived at Pryzm. When they struck the first chords to play ’Somewhere Only We Know’, the crowd went crazy! There wasn’t a single person in the audience, who didn’t know the words to this iconic track and we all literally sang our hearts out to a tune, that was SO familiar and meant so much to every single fan attending…nobody wanted it to finish. Hit that start button now to join in…


Tour dates:

  • 01 Nov: Gent, Kompass Klub
  • 03 Nov: Helsinki, The Circus
  • 04 Nov: Copenhagen, Vega
  • 05 Nov: Oslo, Rockefeller Music Hall
  • 06 Nov: Gothenburg, Tradgarn
  • 23 Nov: Manchester, Warehouse Project at Mayfield Depot
  • 26 Nov: Birmingham, B’ham O2 Academy
  • 27 Nov: Dublin, Jampark
  • 28 Nov: Glasgow, O2 Academy
  • 29 Nov: London, Olympia

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Taylor Swift

Tour dates:

  • 20 June: Werchter/Belgium, Werchter Boutique
  • 24 June: Berlin, Die Waldbühne
  • 26 June: Oslo, Oslo Sommertid
  • 01 July: Roskilde/Denmark, Roskilde Festival
  • 03 July: Gdynia/Poland, Open’er Festival
  • 05 July: Nimes, Festival de Nimes
  • 09 July: Lisbon, NOS Alive

For more information visit:


The 1975

Tour dates:

  • 12 Feb 2021: Copenhagen, TAP1
  • 13 Feb: Oslo, Oslo Spektrum Arena
  • 15 Feb: Stockholm, Annexet
  • 17 Feb: Warsaw, Klub Stodoła
  • 18 Feb: Vienna, Gasometer
  • 20 Feb: Berlin, Velodrom
  • 22 Feb: Düsseldorf, Mitsubishi Electric Halle
  • 23 Feb: Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle
  • 24 Feb: Munich, Zenith
  • 26 Feb: Milan, Fabrique
  • 27 Feb: Zurich, Samsung Hall
  • 01 March: Amsterdam, AFAS Live
  • 03 March: Brussels, Ancienne Belgique
  • 04 March: Paris, Salle Pleyel
  • 06 March: Lisbon, Altice Arena

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