The Script – Sunset & New Moons Tour 2022

Tour dates:

  • 14/15 May: Belfast, SSE Arena
  • 19 May: Liverpool, M&S Bank Arena
  • 20 May: Leeds, First Direct Arena
  • 21 May: Manchester, AO Arena
  • 23 May: Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
  • 24 May: Nottingham, Motorpoint Arena
  • 26 May: Aberdeen, P&J Live
  • 27 May: Glasgow, SSE Hydro
  • 28 May: Newcastle, Utilita Arena
  • 30 May: Brighton, Brighton Centre
  • 31 May: Bournemouth, International Centre
  • 02 June: Sheffield, Sheffield Arena
  • 03 June; Birmingham, Utilita Arena
  • 04 June: London, The O2
  • 07 June: Brussels, Forest National
  • 10/11 June: Amsterdam, Ziggo Dome
  • 14/15 June: Dublin, 3 Arena
  • 19 June: Cork, Musgrave Park
  • 15 July: Newmarket, Newmarket Racecourse

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Exclusive interview: DJ Yoda playing the Arctic Disco at Snowbombing

Wow, what an experience: everybody got shipped up 2000m high by gondola and other than English, you could hear Italian, French, German and Dutch being spoken around the fire. The Arctic Disco is just awesome and whilst the calm before the storm kept us all mellow, once the crowd got going inside the igloo, there was no stopping anybody from letting loose and going wild. Snowbombing is unique like that, they’ve got it worked out completely – nice is also, that the village plays along during these crazy days in Mayrhofen, and welcomes a crowd that’s hell bent on partying day and night, whilst putting some great skiing in as well! Watch the vid and catch the infectious vibe now…

What’s it Like Going to Snowbombing: Our First-Hand Review incl. DJ Interview

Snowbombing Festival welcomes around 7,000 people to the slopes of The Ahorn Ski Resort, Western Austria in mid-April every year – and people absolutely love it!

We should know, the TA-DAH.TV crew has been in attendance more times than we’ve fallen off our skis! (Well, maybe not that many times…) 

But, for those who haven’t been lucky enough to grab a ticket, what’s it like going to snowbombing? Does it attract big performers? And what actually goes down on those picturesque slopes in Mayrhofen?

Slow down, hold your horses! We’ll tell you everything you need to know, from our own experience

What’s it Like at Snowbombing Festival?

Snowbombing is incredible! And so very unique. Held over a week of non-stop skiing, boarding and dancing, there’s so much to take in. 

The festival is split over 2 types of venues, the slopes and the town. Partying starts from noon with superstar DJs like Patrick Topping playing a host venues across the mountain. But, when the music stops around 4 pm, the party moves to the streets – where it doesn’t stop again until 6 am. 

Oh yeah, only hardcore ravers need apply!

As for what it’s like at Snowbombing, the vibes are incredible. People come from all over Europe to hit the slopes, dance to huge tunes, grab a drink and have a good time. 

In fact, during our last experience, we chatted with mermaids and red Indians before happening across a pregnant Mary alongside her drunken monks (don’t worry, she wasn’t really pregnant).

Do You Need to Be Good At Skiing to Go to Snowbombing?

It probably helps to have some skiing chops to experience the whole festival. But, you can still get up to the main stages, bars and cafes of the mountain part of the festival without them. 

Plus, the after-dark stage of Snowbombing happens in Mayrhofen town. So, even if you didn’t want to venture up the mountain, you could spend your morning and early afternoon relaxing in the town before dancing the night away from 4 pm onwards. 

On the other hand, you could take your Snowbombing adventure as an opportunity to learn a new skill as well as party. Skiing lessons are available from professional coaches across the mountain. 

Best Things to Do at Snowbombing

There are so many incredible things to do at Snowbombing. But we’ve managed to distill our excitement down into our top 5 activities that you need to try.

  1. Discover the unique venues
  2. Snowsports
  3. Learn to ski 
  4. The Pond Skim
  5. Go exploring

The Venues

As we mentioned earlier, the festival festivities are spread out over two awesome locations. The incredible mountains and picturesque town.

The Mountain Venues

Up in the mountains, prepare to feel like you’re literally partying in heaven. The altitude means you’ll be surrounded by clouds with soft powdery snow underfoot. 

When you’re not hitting the slopes or apres ski, you could be checking out the top-tier DJ talent at this collection of venues: 

  • The Snowpark Terrace 
  • The Mountain Stage 
  • Rompa’s Reggae Shack 
  • Moutaintop Brunch
  • The Penken Terrace

In-Town Venues

Meanwhile, down in the town, you can pick up the pace with a collection of incredible venues like: 

  • The Fun Haus
  • The Racket Club 
  • The Brück’n Stadl
  • The Strass Bar
  • Hans The Butcher

If you want our opinion, they’re all incredible. But you need to check out Hans The Butcher. This place goes from slinging sausages as a butcher’s shop by day, to dropping beats as a rave hot spot by night.

People enjoying themselves at Snowbombing Festival.


Of course, the other main activity at Snowbombing is hitting the slopes. If you love your snowy pastimes then this is the spot for you. Purpose-built cable car systems ensure there are no queues as they can ferry a staggering 3,800+ people an hour! Woah.

The slopes at The Ahorn cater to all levels, its 2,000m descent is perfect for beginners, while more advanced skiers can check out The Glacier, with over 230km of powdery trails to choose from. 

Learn to Ski

As we said, this place caters to all crowds, including ski novices. If you fancy popping your slope cherry, Snowbombing is the place. 

Daily lessons by qualified instructors, as well as a selection of nursery runs will ensure you have the skills and the opportunity to test your mettle in the Ziller Valley. 

Check out the Pond Skim

Just here for a good time? No worries, but nothing says “good time” like watching people and pro-skiers take on the challenge of trying to skid their way completely across a swimming pool on the slopes without ending up in the drink.

Explore the Town

Last but not least, if you have some time to yourself during the week of Snowbombing, then you should definitely check out more of stunning Mayrhofen. 

As Patrick Topping said in our interview, the place is like Twin Peaks. The stunning surroundings follow you everywhere you go. 

But when you’re not sliding down the slopes, why not warm up with some authentic schnitzel or goulash in one of the quaint cafes and restaurants? Perfect for lining the stomach too for an evening of fun!

Snowbombing Line Up: Who’s Played There?

Snowbombing attracts some of the biggest names from the EDM and trance scene. 

We caught up with artists like Jackmaster, Eats Everything and DJ Yoda during our last visit. 

But incredible names like Fatboy Slim, Confidence Man, Joy Orbison, Wilkinson and My Nu Leng have all either played or have sets confirmed.

Claudia Peifer sits down with DJ Yoda at Snowbombing

Is Snowbombing Worth It?

Unequivocally, yes! If you love snowsports and EDM then you’re gonna love this place. But you probably knew that already. 

So, as you’ll see from our video, if you’re just a huge fan of having an amazing time with friends, exploring new places and experiencing new things, then you will have the best time at Snowbombing

More Snowsports Festivals in Europe

Europe is jam-packed full of winter festivals that allow partygoers to unite their love of the slopes with the love of the stage so it should come as no surprise that Snowbombing is in good company when it comes to snowsports music festivals! 

Other celebrated events include Snowboxx, which takes place in Avoriaz, France each March and has earned itself a bit of a reputation for proceedings getting wild! 

Elsewhere, there is also Rave on Snow taking place in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Austria, and Sun & Snow Festival which is held every year in Sierra Nevada, Spain.

But we’re not always in the mountains either! Sometimes we’re glistening in the sunshine at BIG Festival in Andalucia. Or getting down in the sand of the Agafay Desert at Lost Nomads just outside Marrakech. 

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That’s where we share all our latest news, reviews, interviews and updates from the biggest music events across Europe.

Dolphin & Whale Watching in the Strait of Gibraltar

We loved shooting this video: the sheer life force and physical power of the dolphins and the grace and presence of the whales was a sight to behold! Many people were so taken by the sight of these mammals in the wild, that the energy on the boat was one of sheer delight and happiness. Definitely a bucket-list thing to do, we can’t recommend this incredible experience highly enough. The work that ‘firmm’ (Foundation for Information of Marine Mammals) does is incredible too, and so is their charismatic founder, Katharina Heyer from Switzerland. Looking for a present for someone special, whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or any special occasion really? Adopt a mammal in the Strait of Gibraltar, is what we say, and be part of this wonderful undertaking of protecting these special animals in the wild! Watch the video now to convince yourself…

Best Things to do in Gibraltar

Bordered to the north by Spain, Gibraltar always has been and always will be a beautiful
place to visit. Coined ‘Britain in the Sun’ by English TV, the scenery and atmosphere help
create a country that once you have been, you will immediately want to book your next trip
there, the impression of this rock nation is that great! However, over time, many additional
activities have been created and discovered to enhance your Gibraltar experience to the
best it could possibly be. Ta-Dah TV looks at just a few of the life-changing activities
Gibraltar has to offer.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Out of all of the attractions on the Rock, dolphin and whale watching has become
immensely popular, and insists on growing in popularity every year. Gibraltar has become
famous all over the world for its ever-present population of wild and free dolphins, and
seasonal whales. There are four famous types of dolphin who live here, primarily the
Common Dolphin, Bottle-nose Dolphin, Striped Dolphin and Pilot Whales. It is also possible
to see Orcas, Fin Whales and Sperm Whales. These amazing creatures come to the Bay and
the Strait of Gibraltar for food and to breed. Taking a guided boat trip aimed at dolphin and
whale watching from Gibraltar will not only give you guarantee of seeing these amazing
creatures up close in their natural habitat, but also provide you with outstanding views of
the Rock of Gibraltar, the Spanish coastline and North Africa.

Apes Den

This amazing attraction is located on Gibraltar Rock. The best way to get up is by cable car
where you are able to see a variety of monkeys. If you are hoping to explore St Michael’s
Cave, then it is merely a short walk to Apes Den. The monkeys at Apes Den are well known
for their curiosity and for being very engaging. The troop living here is called the Queen’s
Gate group. They can sometimes appear extremely tame, permitting people to get very
close to them, even climbing onto the happy tourists. It is, of course, advisory to be cautious
when this happens, as they are still wild animals and can bite or cause hurt if they are
frightened or provoked. The cheeky monkeys will take almost every opportunity to steal
food from your bags, or even snatch it right out of your hands. Although you must be
cautious here, it is important to make sure you take in the beautiful views Gibraltar has to

Gibraltar Calling Music Festival

The Gibraltar Music Festival is another massive highlight in September, if you’re into pop,
rock, dance and EDM (main stage), as well as Disco, funk and even SKA (classics stage). The
festival is only a few years young, but regularly attracts music lovers from the
Mediterranean Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz on the Atlantic coast, all the way up to
Seville in Spain. When MTV came on board, the 2-day festival changed name slightly, now
known as the Gibraltar Calling Music Festival. It always takes place around Gibraltar’s
National Day (10 th of September), and TA-DAH.TV have filmed there too, catching the crazy
vibe when this party nation welcomes the world onto the Rock. They really know how to

throw a late summer festival, getting huge bands and acts to perform, with festival goers
wanting to catch the last sunny rays in Europe. Check it out in the channel’s MUSIC section
to dance along.

Saint Michael’s Cave and lower Saint Michael’s Cave

Saint Michael’s Cave is a network of caves made of limestone, which are found deep down
in the Rock of Gibraltar. Located on what is called the Upper Rock, the cave sits at a height
of over 300 metres above sea level. The main cave has been converted into an incredible
auditorium, offering a completely unique acoustic experience, and is home to concerts and
events on a regular basis. TA-DAH.TV have filmed there when the world-famous guitarist
José Feliciano played a stunning Christmas concert in the cave as part of the Gibraltar Jazz
Festival. Claudia Peifer had exclusive access to the legendary jazz-guitarist on the night for
an interview. Find the programme in our Art & Culture section and scroll down to the

As well as the main cave, there is also Lower Michael’s Cave. The Lower Saint Michael’s Cave
is an amazing discovery, found in World War 2, whilst Royal Engineers were blasting out a
new entrance to the lower chambers of the cave. The thing that makes the lower cave so
unique is the fact that it is home to many of the known speleological formations.
Stalagmites, stalactites, rim stone, helictites, columns, coral rocks, flowstone, straws and
curtains are merely a few of the outstanding cave formations.

Scuba Diving

Located at the opening of one of the world’s most intriguing natural crossroads, you will
have the pleasure of finding a spectacular home to diverse marine life. Boasting beautiful
reefs and more than 35 wrecks, the coastline of Gibraltar has become a diver’s paradise.
Rays, octopus, moray eels, cuttlefish, schools of boxfish, pipefish, sunfish, bass, mullets,
damselfish and anthias, to name merely a few, will make your dive in Gibraltar a truly
unforgettable experience. Various diving schools allow you to try out your newly loved
sport, give you on site lessons, and allow you to prosper into a position in which you can
safely dive the wrecks of Gibraltar. Offering equipment rental so complete, all you need to
bring with you is a smile!

The above activities are only a small selection of the vast array of terrific tasks and things
you can experience whilst visiting the beautiful Gibraltar. So, come along and take a look at
the beautiful views and indulge in everything this country has to offer. We know you want