Lost Nomads in the Agafay Desert outside Marrakesh

The location is magical: a Bedouin venue in the Afagay desert outside Marrakesh! The first edition of the Lost & Nomads festival was a complete sell-out and huge success, with 2000 ravers living it large at this unique & exclusive setting in Morrocco. We couldn’t have had more fun, as a brilliant line-up over the 11th & 12th of June guaranteed that we could forget the world outside and just live, breathe and dance away under the stars. DJ sets were insanely good, and with Black Coffee headlining, delivering an absolute ace performance at the decks, nobody wanted the night to end.

Dancing away to the most evocative electronic sounds, house music, deep house all the way to Afro-house, with a good bit of disco & funk thrown in, EDM ruled the nights! It was glorious as people were simply enjoying themselves to the max! Watch our film now to catch the vibe and then stay glued to the MUSIC channel for next year’s date release 

Lost Nomads Festival

The brand new festival held its first edition in the secret location of the Afagay desert in Morocco, just 40 minutes outside Marrakesh on 11 & 12 June. The location offers breathtaking views of the majestic Atlas Mountains. Over two days, festival-goers enjoyed going crazy at a super exclusive location, and with 2000 tickets admitted, being a complete sell-out, it felt more like a huge private party than just another festival.

The festival was only created a few months ago, so it is a spectacular achievement by the organisers and the production team to pull this off in a relatively short period of time. Ravers were swept away by the magical location and a hugely impressive line-up – then, for it to all work out the way it did, meant that we’re on to a winning concept here. On the bill were influential acts such as Angelos, Nomads, Agoria, MR.ID, Amine K, Themba, SXTO, DJ Ateo, Irenee S, and with the South African and Grammy Award-winning DJ Black Coffee headlining, it’s easy to see why we all had such a great time. Every artist brought their own distinctive style of electronic music to the desert, where the energies were flying high.

Things to do in the Agafay Desert – Désert d’Agafay

This sand desert is located roughly 30km outside of Marrakesh, stretching over several hundred acres. Its rocky landscape offers fantastic views of the impressive Atlas Mountains, yet sand dunes also attract all sorts of activities. Berber villages still exist in this rugged part of Morocco til today, so authentic activities can still be experienced to date. Hot-Air balloon flying, camel rides, spending time at a luxury desert camp, enjoying outdoor jacuzzis and dining under the stars with breathtaking views can all be part of your travel experience.

Where to stay in Marrakesh

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